2018 / 19:30 – 20:10 [gmt] live from OSTrava

Math of the Nations (Czechoslovak perspective)

Radio station:                                Czech Radio Vltava
                                                            Radio and Television Slovakia: Radio Devin
Venue/s of the event:                  Provoz hlubina | OSTRAVA, Czech Republic
Links:                                                   https://www.facebook.com/artsbirthday
audio stream:                                 Czech Radio Vltava live (19.00 – 22.00 GMT)
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This is a call for the math of nation!

Come forth patron of the Czechs and Slovaks,
Give us the sound from your body´s inside,
Let your organs ring, the love from your body´s inside,
Give birth to a concert of experiments, 
Create us into the sound you´ve made,
Make our dance into a radio cluster,
Our jolly fuss is but a wire poking from your body, 
Show us the miracle of Sound.


Those who have survived the 20th century in the territory of Czechoslovakia could have gone insane. They have survived seven constitution changes. Seven times were they the pinpong ball that was fired from the monarchy towards democracy (1918), then to the Protectorate (or a satellite state -1938), then back to democracy (1945), a totalitarian smash (1948), backhand towards normalization (1968) Forhand towards Pseudo-Democracy (1989) with a proposal to split states and without a referendum (1993). The dialectics of exchanges resulting from the separation of Czechs and Slovaks became the central program of the ordinary but also of the extraordinary population. Thanks to these frequent changes, it is possible that the Czechs and Slovaks are best able to modulate from major to minor and back to major and then back to minor and so on. They just do not know about it.

Therefore, the concert performance constellation is built primarily from two Czechs and a Slovak. Live in boxing, dancing, musical performances and pluderphonic recontextualizing, as well as a small meditative gradient coming forth from the female body.

In 2018, sci-fi of the 20th century lives on. We celebrate 100 years since the establishment of Czechoslovakia. Our “fiction” is a sentiment, a rebellion against the stupidity of the border, a great return, or even the joy of endless friendship. The nonsensical separation of nations can be abolished for a while.

bassclarinet: Zdeněk Závodný (CZ)
violoncello: Andrej Gál (SK)
sound objects: Martin Klapper (CZ)
voice and sampler: Samuel Szabó (SK)
movement and microphone: Lucia Kašiárová (SK)
percussion: Pavel Fajt (CZ)
electronics: Slávo Krekovič (SK)
movement and sensors: Bára Látalová (CZ)