2018 / 22:00 – 22:20 [gmt] live from MADRID

Syncopated Birth

Radio station:                                 Radio Clásica – RNE (Radio Nacional de España)
Venue/s of the event:                  Casa de la Radio / RNE (Spanish National Radio – Radio House)
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“Syncopated Birth”, by Agnès Pe

To celebrate art is to celebrate the omnipresent; art is not in the museum or in the gallery, art is in the gaze, vision and listening. Let’s celebrate it without fear of excess. Art is an overstimulated celebrity in the era of disaster. But contradictions are what make everything interesting.
Syncopated Birth does not respond to expectations. It has been created from the deconstrucion of MIDI files containing the song “Happy Birthday”. The SMF (Standard Midi Files, 1996) are files that contain associated MIDI information. It is one of the files used for karaoke tracks. These files are created through the music notation processor and contain an associated score and instructions. Thousands of web pages host these files (in the manner of sound dumps) and reproduce any genre, making it an explicit non-genre engine. It is existential vitalism instead of a simple intellectualism.
It’s amazing but it is only two years ago since you can use the happy birthday song without paying Warner/Chappell $ 1,500. There are copyright trolls. Owning the rights to a song can also be almost like owning stocks.
“I think there are a few other songs that we’re going to attempt to free up next,” he told me. “I don’t want to say the names. Good Morning to all.”

Agne’s Pe (Lleida -Catalonia-, 1985) works in a spurious manner with the aesthetic heritage of late romantic culture, questioning the apparently defined limits of musical genres. She creates sound chains sewn by giant collage lines formed by thousands of references of abundant fidelities. She is attracted to the unusual, always looking for new ways of relating to the elements that he recomposes through atonality, altered melodies and squeaky textures. “Speedy classical”; “eurodancesymphonic”, “punch melodies”, “blackmidi”, “happy slapped”, “terminal punk”, “humpatech”, “crossover thrash”, “midtechno”, “hardlaptop” o “powermid” are some of the labels that could serve us to designate her music.
She has performed at MediaLab Prado (Madrid), at the Piksel festival (Bergen, Norway), Macba (Bcn), Larraskito (Bilbao) or at Tabakalera (Donosti). She currently conducts the radio program “Mitt Paté”, which is broadcast on Radio On (Berlin), specialized in plunderphonics and findings from the internet underworld.