2019 / 20:30 – 20:50 [gmt] live from STOCKHOLM

Tommy Zwedberg: Disturbances – the last word is not said…

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Tommy Zwedberg: Disturbances – the last word is not said…

Disturbances came to be a strong word in the composition process. In my world that merges the present and the past, in this composition I have focused on disturbances of various kinds. Although not always in the directly noticeable way, but in melodic fragments where the emotional mood is interrupted, in alarm with a dark voice, in the death of the dead and in the end part the bright voice. Everything starts with a trumpet voice that is suddenly interrupted by an orchestral-like sound mass.

And finally…
how are we going to get out of this extended state
where the hope is repeatedly reduced
into being an echo of a bygone era?
The last word is not said…
Tommy Zwedberg

Thanks to Eva Zwedberg who, with her voice, has contributed to the final part, the bright voice.

Commissioned by Swedish Radio for EBU Art’s Birthday on January 17, 2019.

Composer Tommy Zwedberg

Tommy Zwedberg (b. 1946). After playing the trumpet professionally for some years he entered the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where he initially trained as a soloist and teacher, later joining the composition class where he studied with Gunnar Bucht and others. His period at Stockholm Royal College of Music brought him into contact with the highly creative atmosphere of the new Swedish electroacoustic music studio (Elektronmusikstudion) and with Lars- Gunnar Bodin and Miklos Maros who taught there. Close contact with electroacoustic music was of the utmost importance to his decision to become a professional composer. During his years as a student he also trained as a filmmaker with Jan Bark at Filmversktan in Stockholm.
Tommy Zwedberg has composed both instrumental and electroacoustic music. He has also engaged in collaborative projects with other artists, directors, authors and painters. For many years he has collaborated with the choreographer Efva Lilja and her ensemble E.L.D. and this has resulted in a series of internationally acclaimed works which are considered to be landmarks in contemporary Swedish dance and multimedia art. In these works the choreography, music and set design form an indissoluble unity that sets aside the usual genre limitations. Tommy Zwedberg’s music is today performed all over the world and is widely represented on Lp, CD, VIMEO and YouTube.

Brief curriculum vitae:
Royal College of Music in Stockholm 1969-74: trumpet and teacher training.Royal College of Music in Stockholm 1975-78: composition class with Gunnar Bucht and at Elektronmusikstudion with Lars Gunnar Bodin. Attended GRM in Paris during the autumn of 1978.Spent a term in North America including a month in Toronto participating in a research project in the music department at Toronto University. Invited to Bourges as guest composer, 1996. Active in the Swedish contemporary music society Fylkingen 1976-86 on the production committee and the society’s executive. Chairman of the society 1983-86. Member of the executive of the Swedish Association of Composers, FST,1987-96. Deputy board member of Swedish Performing Rights Society, STIM,1987-96. Member of the executive of the Swedish Music Information Centre,1990-96.