2019 / 20:40 – 21:00 [gmt] live from MOSCOW

Art’s Birthday 2019: Cosmic Revolution

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                                                                  Leonid Tishkov
_                                                               Oleg Makarov
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Russian National Center for Contemporary Art presents a concert
The Purpose of Music is Silence” (K.Malevich).

The concert is a part of a two hours performance in the space of the exhibition “Premonition of Cosmos”.

Visual artist Leonid Tishkov creates a live dynamic composition “Suprematic Spaghetti” and media artist Oleg Makarov interprets the video signal of the composition as a sound spectrum, turning the image into a trigger for samples, sequences and algorithms or a graphic filter for noises, which in turn create motion in space, accompanied by “an articulated sound” of Malivitch’s poems, like:

Kor re rezh zhi me kon
Ikanon si re dual’

By the end of the performance, suprematic spaghetti will be cooked and served for the spectators who are supposed to eat silently, because “The Purpose of Music is Silence”!

Author – Dmitry Nikolaev.
Video – Leonid Tishkov.
Audio – Oleg Makarov.
Texts – Violetta Iarovaia and Ilya Sobolev.
Plastic – Anastasia Shcherbakova.
Leonid Tishkov about “Suprematic Spaghetti.”

“Kazimir Malevich defined Suprematism as a visualization of the movement:” The cross-shaped elements are distributed by dynamic circumstances. “We follow the artist’s idea – we multiply the linear suprematic elements, give them acceleration, send them to free fall, scatter in the void, like in black space, star strokes, and we their dynamism in the sound canvas. Perhaps the music of random circumstances will arise, which will end as soon as the world stops, standing on tiptoes when the spaghetti disappears from sight. “