2019 / 21:40 – 22:00 [gmt] live from LJUBLJANA

Art’s Birthday 2019: ICEmeltings

Radio station:                                 Radia Slovenija
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Amper-o-mat, BeepBlip, Boštjan Perovšek, Bojana Šaljič Podešva, OR Poiesis and Brane Zorman

Acoustic artists try to unhinge the acoustics if icy winter landscapes, of their gradual or sudden mutations. Based on a prearranged sound structure, the artists will perform a live group event. The result will be the unique composition of a secluded winter landscape and crystalline water structures. Even though the composition may above all conjure up silence and thus create conditions for sensorial sensitivity, the sensitivity in itself is filled with diverse subtle sound environments. With sounds that cut through silence, particularly when – due to natural processes – they condense in a breakage of ice. At the same time, these sounds in particular open up numerous questions concerning the atmosphere, climate changes, ecology and sound ecology, thus stimulating the listener’s sensibility with the help of a sound medium. This is the kind of spectrum of a winter sound landscape that is being set under a microscope by a group of artists artists in the composition entitled ICEmeltings.

The live presentation of the sound composition, produced by Cona in collaboration with ARS – Channel 3 of Radio Slovenija – and a group of select artists, is to be part of the Art’s Birthday 2019 celebration on the Austrian ORF Kunstradio – Radiokunst.

The 8-channel composition entitled ICEmeltings will open on January 26, 2019, at the Steklenik gallery for sound, bio acoustics and art.