2019 / 22:00 – 22:20 [gmt] live from GRAZ

1.000.056 Years from Now

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In about one million years from now the electromagnetic waves from the broadcast will be not even half way to Andromeda, but will have passed Alpha Centauri and M13 besides many other interstellar objects. Art will be twice as old as today.

So on the 17th of January 2019 a roboter drops a dry sponge into a water bucket for the 1.000.056 birthday of art, delivering the impulse sound for my piece. Transformations of these sound will be accompanied by sounds and rhythms composed out of encoded sequences starting with „Arts Birthday“ followed by the question and internet’s answer to „what is art?“. The encoding will follow the principles of Hans Freudenthals artificial language Lincos, which was developed especially for Cosmic Intercourse in 1960.

According to Brian Greene, a professor of theoretical physics at Columbia University in New York City, humans 1 million years from now will not look much like people do now, and he said their lives will be so different that humans today wouldn’t recognize them. Maybe the messages will be decoded on their way. If they bounce back in time, maybe these beings will be able to decode them and celebrate the 2.000.112 arts birthday, despite the warnings from American scientist, that sending messages to extraterrestrial beings might be dangerous.

Seppo Gründler: electronics.

Josef (Seppo) Gründler
Born 1956, lives in Graz. A sound and media artist, “tinkerer” of software and electronics. His main instruments are guitar, electronics and software. He holds a PhD in medicine and is visiting professor of sound design at Donau-University Krems, member of the board of directors of the Institute for Media Archeology and of the Society for Dissemination and Distribution of New Music and teaches Sound- and Interaction Design at the Institute of Design and Communikation/FH JOANEUM. He has been working in the field of new media since 1982. He has composed music for computer games, music for theatre, film, media and sound installations. He has presented his works at Ars Electronica, Wiener Festwochen, Steirischer Herbst, the Knitting Factory New York, Sonambiente Berlin, Transmediale Berlin, “See the Sound”, City of Women Festival Ljubljana, Fine senca fine – Venice, Trentino, Budapest, Graz, etc. He is the creator of various CDs under vnm.mur.at and elise.or.at. His current live acts include the Klammer&Gruendler Duo, the Urban Sound Band and solo concerts.