2019 / 22:10 – 22:30 [gmt] live from MADRID

Time Reversal by Narcoleptica

Radio station:                                 Radio Clásica – Radio Nacional de España (RNE)
Venue/s of the event:                   Estudio Música 2 -Casa de la Radio- (Madrid)
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audio stream:                                 RTVE
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Time Reversal:
Time measured by a sound work that develops itself until it disappears (and not the other way round). A piece of time/sound we use to go back to a time already passed, but which overlaps to the present.
With Time Reversal we travel in sound, using it as a time machine through past, present, future and, most importantly, parallel times we cannot access in daily life. A paradoxical party that celebrates the passage of time, the reversal of this time and, eventually, the non-existence of time.
It’s been a while since I released my last recordings, so it looks like time passes but it also stays: it is fixed through sound recording, but it is also constantly regenerating itself through our perception.
This is an invitation to drift, to listen to acoustic spaces and inhabit them. Different vanishing points can be followed within a really intense, evocative and emotional atmosphere.

Narcoleptica is an experimental electroacoustic musical project (or it’s just Beatriz Vaca making noise).
Her performance starts from experimentation, mixing diverse sound sources (electric guitars, phonographic recordings, virtual instruments and voice) and live-looping (recording loops in real-time). These elements are assembled into a sende sonic layering experience.
She has released three albums: ‘The Modular Explanation’, ‘Narcoleptica’ and the still unreleased ‘The Abyss’. Her music has appeared in several compilations, soundtracks and Performing Art / Experimental Theatre pieces in which she usually performs live.
Since 2007 she has devoted herself to live performance, playing incessantly in a great amount of venues and festivals worldwide. She has toured four times (Latin American Tour 2014, European Tour 2015, Spain 2016, France 2018), playing in Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Portugal, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, etc.