2020 / 19:40 – 20:00 [gmt] live from LIBEREC

Michal Rataj & Jaromír Typlt: ŠKRÁBANICE

Radio station:                                 Czech Radio Vltava
Venue/s of the event:                   Kino Varšava in Liberec
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audio stream:                                  audio stream (19.00 GMT till 22.00 GMT)

Škrabanice (Scribbles) is a special form on the frontier between music and poetry. It is based on the idea of “emerging manuscript”, from the first briefly scribbled sketches until a coherent text. Electronic sounds produced by Michael Rataj are complemented by Jaromír Typlt and his voice and also his music instruments (fretless bass-guitar, hudry-gurdy) and amplified found objects. This creative meeting of two authors have a character of improvisation, which is lively presenting in a four channel space by Mychal Rataj.

Due to its range between music and poetry, Škrábanice (in English Scribbles, in German Kritzeleien) during the last decade has sounded both in the context of music and sound (Audio Art Festival in Krakow 2009, Contempuls in Prague 2010, Vs. Interpretation festival Prague 2014), and in the literature context (Poesie in Bewegung in Liberec 2014, Ars poetica Zábřehí u Ježkova 2016, Prague Microfestival 2017, or accompanying program for Czech participation in the Leipzig Book Fair 2019).

This Art’s Birthday performance as birthday gift will be transmited live from cinema called Varsava in the city of Liberec. This beautiful art deco style cinema building stands in the city center from 1922. It is managed by a non-profit organisation “Let’s save cinema Varsava” today, which has been recontructing the inner space of the cinema since 2012 and co-creating the culture spawn of Liberec, located in the north of Bohemia.

2009, Školská 28 – https://youtu.be/pes9ISok6rI
2009, Krakov, Audio Art – https://youtu.be/NZ_K8B1HLBk
2014, vs. Interpretation – https://vimeo.com/137938882
2019, Kulturapotheke Leipzig – https://vimeo.com/297796427

BIOs and performers/authors links:
Michal Rataj (1975) focuses – as a composer – mainly on electroacoustic and instrumental creation and compositional work in the field of live electronics. He is the author of film music and dozens of music and sound realizations of radio plays. Since 2003 he has been a producer of the premiere series Radioatelier in Czech Radio Vltava. He teaches at The Academy of Performing Arts (Music and Dance Faculty), NYU Prague and leads international workshops.
Jaromír Typlt (1973) is a writer and performer, but also an art theorist specializing in art brut. He has been publishing poetry and prose books since the 1990s, most recently STISK (2007) and Za dlouho (2016). Since 2000 he has been performing with so-called “mutaded author’s reading” and at the same time he has focused himself on sound poetry, both his own and Dadaistic (Ursonate according to Kurt Schwitters, Pavel Novotný, BallOnAir according to Hugo Ball in composition by Miroslav Tóth of peerformed with Dirk Hülstrunk).