2020 / 20:20 – 20:40 [gmt] live from LIBEREC

Veronika Svobodová & Anna Petruželová: Pillow full of pine needles

Radio station:                                 Czech Radio Vltava
Venue/s of the event:                   Kino Varšava in Liberec
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audio stream:                                  audio stream (19.00 GMT till 22.00 GMT)

Pillow full of pine needles /Polštář plný jehličí/ is coniferous event: montage collected in the forest in blueberries, of voices and scraps accompanied by author’s musical instruments, hare-scream tool and field recordings of the landscape. Conifer needles. Knitting needles. Spruce and snot. Under the pillow: bread, crust, crust, bark beetle. The pillows are for free in the wood. Free pillows for all!

Fields recordings from the forest of Vysočina and Beskydy (parts of Bohemia highland and mountain), will be accompained by author’s instrument of Veronika Svobodová and author’s reading by Anna Petružalková.
This Art’s Birthday performance as birthday gift will be transmited live from cinema called Varsava in the city of Liberec. This beautiful art deco style cinema building stands in the city center from 1922. It is managed by a non-profit organisation “Let’s save cinema Varsava” today, which has been recontructing the inner space of the cinema since 2012 and co-creating the culture spawn of Liberec, located in the north of Bohemia.

BIOs and performers/authors links:
Anna Petruželová studies at the Documentary films dept. on FAMU (the academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and she is interested in things… Veronika Svobodová deals with structural asymmetries, moves the images in the space of theatre, but also in the forest. She is playing with the sand and stones. Her approach to working with sound reveals her link to theatre scenography, art installations and performance.