2020 / 20:20 – 20:40 [gmt] live from ZAGREB

MIMIKA ORCHESTRA: Divinities of the Earth and the Waters

Radio station:                                 Croatian Radio
Venue/s of the event:                   KSET- Club of Electrical Engineering Students
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MIMIKA ORCHESTRA: Divinities of the Earth and the Waters

Mimika is an alternative jazz, world & progressive art music orchestra formed in London and currently based in Zagreb. It was formed by the Croatian multiinstrumentalist and composer Mak Murtic in 2010.It has been dubbed as one of London’s most creative, trans-idiomatic orchestras, taking audiences on an adventurous journey to where jazz collides with other musical genres and art forms, telling anthropological, cultural and mythological stories of the future and the past.

Divinities of the Earth and the Waters (PDV RECORDS) is a narrative based concept album which is set in an undefined place and time in the Balkan peninsula. It follows a person from birth to death in a type of ritualistic Slavic pagain inspired ceremony which ends with the protagonists realisation that his life was in fact represented in a procession and he was an effigy which is traditionally burned to mark end of one year and a beginning of the next. The album is de facto a dedication to Mimika’s previous drummer Oberon King who tragically died in a car accident in 2015. The album also deals with sociopolitical themes of our and past times. Musically the album is based on many traditional singing and musical styles from the Balkan and Austrohungarian region with odd meter time signatures and close interval and microtonal singing, however with a fully modern approach, creating an almost filmlike soundscape. The language of the album is mainly Kajkavian.Programme for the Art’s Birthday performance will present the narrative plot of the Divinities of the Earth and the Waters, taking the listeners to a journey into the surreal world which we take part in.

Maja Rivic, Dunja Bahtijarevic – vocals; Zvonimir Bajevic, Valdemar Kusan, Danijel Hrsak – trumpets; Hrvoje Stefanic, Luka Zuzic – trombones; Joe Kaplowitz – tuba; Nika Bauman – flute; Marko Malivuk Jovanovic – alto and soprano sax; Vojkan Jocic – tenor and soprano sax; Marko Gudelj – baritone sax; Leo Beslac – flute, analogue synths; Josip Sustic -electric and classical guitars; Viktor Slamnig – electric bas; Nenad Kovacic – percussion; Jan Ivelić – drums; Mak Murtic – directing, compositions, arrangements