2020 / 20:20 – 20:40 [gmt] live from GRAZ

Changes of State

Radio station:                                 Radio Helsinki
Venue/s of the event:                   esc medien kunst labor
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Changes of State

Evaporation, condensation, sublimation, deposition. Action, activism, control, resistance. How do changes in state involve exchanges of energy? How do changes of matter cause changes of state? Sonic reflections on volatile times via field recordings, cottage electronics, sampled media and radio, and voice. Live performance by Anna Friz, with sounds shared by Rodrigo Ríos Zunino from Chile.

Anna Friz (Canada) is sound and media artist who creates multi-channel media installations, radio art works and solo performances, and composes for theater, dance, and film. Her works investigate public media culture and signal space, transformations of land via infrastructure, time perception, and speculative fictions. Recent presentations include Ars Electronica Big Concert Night (Linz), the Museum of Arts and Design (New York), the Soundwave Biennial: Infrastructure (San Francisco), XIV Festival Ecuatoriano de Música Contemporánea (Quito, Ecuador), and the 2018 New York Times Magazine edition “Listen to the World”. Anna Friz is Assistant Professor in the Film and Digital Media Department of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Rodrigo Ríos Zunino (Ecuador/Chile) has worked and collaborated for the past 20 years with different platforms dedicated to music, arts, theatre, education (with youth at risk and people with disabilities) and complementary therapies, always with an emphasis on sound production, emmision and capture. His main outputs in the field of sound and media are through sound installations, audiovisual performances, installative concerts, radio programs/transmissions, workshops and research projects and has presented work in Chile, Perú, Bolivia, Germany and Switzerland.

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