2020 / 20:40 – 21:00 [gmt] live from MOSCOW

ARTS BIRTHDAY 2020: Life Defeated Death in an Unknown Way

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Venue/s of the event:                   National Center for Contemporary Art
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                                                                  Oleg Makarov
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Arts’ Birthday 2020: Life Defeated Death in an Unknown Way

In Moscow, we will celebrate AB 2020 and 115 anniversary of Daniil Kharms in one concert: ” Life Defeated Death in an Unknown Way”

We’ll stream the concert from the National Center for Contemporary Art.

“Life Defeated Death in an Unknown Way” is the only phrase the performers (= actors and speech robots) will pronounce and sing in different ways using different techniques of speech and vocalizations as well as different methods and algorithms of speech reproduction. The movement of performers-actors and waveforms of speech robots are captured by video cameras, and media artist Oleg Makarov interprets the video signal into a sound spectrum, turning the image into a trigger for samples, sequences, and algorithms or a graphic filter for noise sounds, which in turn give rise to a word and movement in space. Not only the performers and the video screen will be on stage, but also a “mysterious box of life or death”, which will be opened at the glorious moment of the victory of life and the audience will be able to celebrate the triumph of life by eating delicious food (=bananas and apples) from the box near the microphone. These sounds will become an additional acoustic confirmation of the victory of life.