2020 / 21:00 – 21:20 [gmt] live from BELGRADE


Radio station:                                 Radio Belgrade 3
Venue/s of the event:                   Live transmission from Studio 6, Radio Belgrade
Links:                                                     Zoran Hristic
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Aware of the gravity of the task ahead, we are delighted to be part of the multicultural Europe and to contribute to the overall understanding of the sacral and secular sound tradition. Recognizable sounds of the past, generally accepted audio treasures that are parts of our musical heritage are       incorporated into the present day acoustic paradigm. Applying the interactive radiophonic matrix, with the characteristic Balkan idiom and old-church music, author Zoran Hristić incorporated live performance composed of the most current sound-music-verbal segments, symbols of modern sacral and secular expression of humanity in a rich radiophonic arrangement.

This project, based on the idea and submitted synopsis by Zoran Hristic, is carried out by Zoran Jerkovic and Predrag D. Stamenkovic.

From friends – to our friend Zoran in memoriam!

Tamara Krcunović – actor,
Katarina Božić – vokal,
Ljubomir Dimitrijević and Miloš Nikolić – wind instruments
Author and composer: Zoran Hristić
Sound Editor: Zoran Jerković
Directed by: Zoran Jerkovic and Predrag D. Stamenković, MSc
Program Editor: Predrag D. Stamenković, MSc
Production: Radio Belgrade 2, Drama Department, Sound Workshop

Zoran Hristic
was a composer of great and diverse opus. His music was played to open a UNESCO Conference in 1980 and the Olympic Games in 1984. One of his major works, the ballet “Darinka’s Bestowal”, was named as one of the most important five works against war in the 20th century (along with Britten, Shostakovich, Penderecki and Martinu) by Professor Ben Arnold from Kentucky University, USA. In 1989 Hristić wrote “A testament” for Gemshorn and Symphony Orchestra which marked the beginning of his writing using Balkan folklore and Ortodox traditions. Zoran Hristic wrote music for 35 movies, over 100 theatre plays, and for TV etc. He was awarded many important prizes in these fields.

Zoran Hristic, the great Serbian composer and author of many radio programmes in the production of the Sound Workshop of Radio Belgrade Drama Department passed away on November 12, 2019

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