2021 / 19:30 – 20:00 [gmt] LAUSANNE

Empreinte acoustique – Acoustic fingerprint

Radio station:                                 RTS/culture Espace2
Venue/s of the event:                   RTS Lausanne studio 15
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Abril Padilla :  Ferrairie I

Radio exercise based on JETZT by Luc Ferrari (1981/82)
Duration: 9′.
World creation 2021.

 It is a question of continuing the game that Ferrari proposes in JETZT, of nesting a radio work in its own process, and in particular the dialogue between the German and French languages.
My own archives mingle with those of Luc and Brunhild Ferrari, they dialogue and extend each other.  Das ist meine Frauen Stimme…
This experience is an invitation to radio dreams, a heterotopia of the encounter with sounds and Ferrari’s signature listening, which tirelessly lend themselves to the journey of the here and now. 

Other works have been created by other authors as a result of the project Ferrari (r)écouté Neue Kompositionen aus JETZT (ZKM-2011).

Note: under the agreement of Brunhild Ferrari, the declaration of rights also concerns Jetzt by Luc Ferrari

Empreinte acoustique – Acoustic fingerprint
Radio Essay for the Anniversary of Art 2021
Abril Padilla

“Who hasn’t been touched, upset, troubled, moved by an art manifestation, an event? This contact requires from us an availability. Letting ourselves work, print, vibrate is part of ourselves.
The sound, the ultimate”reactive” artistic media, solicits an invisible materiality sometimes buried in our multi-sensorial memory. By consquence it connects spaces, beings and very different things often heterogeneous.
The fluxus artist Dick Higgins calls in his Manifesto to the intermediality which links sound, music, text, body, movement. Multiple different supports dialogue, mix, come into contact and overflow each other.

In a disorder of things, the sound allows us to organize our listening, the time of a moment, it offers us this possibility. It is up to us to take it or to let it pass. The acoustic imprint is not only the trace of the person who produced it but the impression of the listener who discovers it. The sound solicits us, it needs us to exist in a precise time and space. We are the support in which the sound imprints itself. It is up to each of us to offer it the surface – thinner or thicker – on which to leave its imprint.Based on Dick Higgins’ Intermedia Manifesto (1966) Abril Padilla proposes different listening situations, like a guided tour through sound imprints collected in the present moment and in the past from his private sound archive. Every birthday is also a moment of remembrance and sharing. Make yourself available to meet the voices of Béatrice Gallet, Edith Moret, Bernard Parmegiani, Christine Groult, Michel Chion, several others known or less known to the Radio Suisse Romande, but also those of the inhabitants of Kleinbasel or Buenos Aires.

Sound and listening, like imagination or tenderness, have no borders.” Abril Padilla

Abril Padilla
(born in Buenos Aires) is composer and sound artist, she living in Basel since 2006. Her compositions are mainly electroacoustic and radiophonic, but she also writes for instrumental ensembles. Her creation Emulsion d’air (2019) with the ensemble Contrechamps was supported by the Nicati-de-Luze Fundation and recorded by the RSR.Since 1999 she works again as a performer and collaborates with various musicians, dancers and filmmakers. In her radio work she explores the space of freedom between sound and music. Her interest in intermediality has led her to participate in numerous collective projects and exhibitions, including Document Bilingue at the Mucem with Erik Bullot and Sabrina Grassi (Marseille), ZMO by Mauricio Kagel with Reinhard Manz at the Tinguely Museum (Basel), Arte sonoro at the Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid), Phonurgia nova & Musée Réattu (Arles), Historisches Museum (Basel), BOZAR (Belgium), MEG (Geneva) and with Séverine Hubard at the Forum Stadtpark (Graz). Since 2015 she creates with the arcimboldo ensemble a giant architectural string-instrument: resonance-box (Basel). Abril has performed his works in particularly emblematic spaces as well as in recognized festivals: Archipel (Geneva), Angélica (Bologna), Musique & Recherche (Ohain), Experimentaclub (Madrid), Festival International du film fantastique (Strasbourg), Orhrwurm (Lausanne), Arsenal (Berlin), Stadkino Basel and ABC (La Chaux-des-Fonds).Several times prizewinner at SonOhr Festival (Bern), Suono dei Luoghi (Bologna), Radio Nacional de España, Banc d’essai (GRM-Paris), Sperber Price (Basel), La Muse en Circuit concours radiophonique WDR-RSR et l’IMEB (Bourges).