2021 / 20:20 – 20:40 [gmt] ZAGREB


Radio station:                                 CROATIAN RADIO
Venue/s of the event:                   STUDIO BAJSIC – HRT – Croatian Radio
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The unconventional avant-garde music project by Damir Martinović Mrle (Let 3, Kišni razdraganci) and Ivanka Mazurkijević (Stampedo, Kišni razdraganci) is a fusion of music styles ranging from electronica and classical instruments to “Mrle’s use of water bottles as artificial cello installations” and the unusual frequencies they create. Water-filled pipes, the frequencies of cities (Rijeka and Berlin) over which Ivanka sings, exude the cinematic shadows of performances, plays and films in which they were made. The apocalyptic reality is supported by powerful orchestral parts crisscrossed with superb solo guitar passages by Vlado Simcich Vava (ex Laufer, Turisti) and Dražen Baljak (Let 3), and a sitar moment by Ivan Valušek, unusual and interesting for these areas.

Surrounded by many top musicians, the pair uses all the modern music techniques and styles without eradicating the classical elements in which they were assisted by many soloists and orchestras headed by conductor Fran Đurović. In these 20 minutes you will hear some of their compositions performed with unusual instruments, a kind of cross-section of the six albums they recorded in the past ten years.