2021 / 21:20 – 21:40 [gmt] PRAGUE


Radio station:                                 Czech Radio Vltava
Venue/s of the event:                   STUDIO RS7
Links:                                                   www.artofhearing.cz
                                                                ONOSAMO MAMO
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Dušan Šoltys: Všechno co jsem se naučil od Brna, akryl na plátně 2020
Dušan Šoltys: Všechno co jsem se naučil od Brna, akryl na plátně 2020

Jan Burian: jedno nikoho
solo for synthesizer

The synthesizer sounds are prepared so that they change randomly under hands when it played on the keyboard. This creates necessity to react at that moment. In the next moment, everything might be different already. The composition is never possible to perform over again in the same way.

Czech Radio’s R(A)DIO(CUSTICA) will celebrate Art’s Birthday 2021 by acoustic contemplating Invisible things.

As humans, we are almost exclusively visually focused. We want everything to be clearly identifiable by sight, we want to see everything clearly. With aour technology skills, we try to capture the real world as faithfully as possible and portray reality. And as a community of people, we believe more or less only what we see. But if more people look at one painting, everyone sees it differently. One sees only the image and the other sees also what is behind it. It is said that in the Middle Ages they did not know the color blue until someone said it was blue. Makes an invisible thing visible its naming? Do we really only believe what we see? Is what is visible really what makes the world the world? What about what we don’t see? How is with love, belief, space, smells, sounds…

As a part of celebrating Art’s Birthday and within contemplation invisible things, czech composer and sound designer Jan Burian made original piece of music named jedno nikoho /onenoone/ accompaining by his manifesto:

manifest of everything
No one is no one. Oneness is not once.
(Jan Burian, Prague, January 2021)

Composer and sound designer Jan Burian cooperates with variouse theater artists (Min Tanaka, Peter Schumann, Petr Nikl, Paco Decina, etc.) and film makers (P. Koutecký, V. Švankmajer, M. Mareček) at Czech and abroad. For the NFA (National Film Archive), he composed the musical accompaniment to the restored complete filmography of filmmaker Jan Kříženecký, which won the FOCAL International Restoration & Preservation project 2020. He has been working with therapist Marie Nováková for over ten years and he composed the music for her two books. He leads workshops of his own method “Art of Hearing”, sound design and a creative approach to electronic musical instruments (ZVUK, AVOR, Archa International Summer School, FSV UK, Duncan Center Conservatory). He is a founding member of the music projects tyto alba and Kyklos Galaktikos.