2021 / 21:30 – 21:50 [gmt] FREQ_WAVE


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Art’s Birthday 2021 – freq_wave project

freq_wave is a sound installation comprised of 12 individual sound works each utilizing and limited to a specific frequency range and amplified to act as a single, generative sound space. It is being supervised and mixed by the Swedish artist and curator CM von Hausswolff. Each artist is assigned a frequency range with which to work. This process is carried out at each location of the participating NPRs and send via Audio over IP to a server at DESWR. On this server CM von Hausswolff will do a live mix of all the signals. The stereo mix will directly be transferred over IP to output Haydn.  All the resulting compositions are then audible on the signal coming from EBU Haydn and should be broadcasted and amplified together in the space of your event or at the listeners at home to create a sound installation or performance.
freq_wave is dealing with the idea of water, connecting each other: from the rain drop to the brook, the river flowing thru our cities and across the borders, into the sea connecting the continents. A networked interactive collaboration that plays with the idea of water as the element that connects us all and brings the associated creativity to the fore.
This is also an act of remembering. Our current health and economic crisis is inextricably linked to the long-lasting climate chaos, social inequalities and environmental injustices violently manifesting amongst many humans and other than humans around the world. We see a future in collaboration, imagination, and a tiny bit of bravado, so we have created an extensive sound project spanning across the world to show how art and culture can make the complexities of water degradation and pollution audible, and to bring attention to the delicate soundscapes dedicated to the element water.

The frequency ranges are:

50-60 Hz – Georges Cremaschi CZCR double bass
60-75 Hz – DARK MORPH (CM von Hausswolff / Jón Þór „Jónsi“ Birgisson) electronics
75-90 Hz – Barry Wan CZCR electronics
90-140 Hz – Polina Khatsenka CZCR electronics (electromagnetic fields)
140-180 Hz – Andrew Pekler DESWR processed fieldrecording
180-250 Hz – Vincent Pongracz ATORF clarinet
250-350 Hz – Audrey Chen DEDKU voice
350-500 Hz – Ira Hadžić DESWR voice
500-1000 Hz – Stine Janvin DEDKU voice
1000-2000 Hz – Jacque Demierre CHRTS Piano
2000-5000 Hz – Johan Hyttnäs SESR time code signal (as audio)
5000-12000 Hz – Bojana Šaljić Podešva SIRTVS computer

The project reveals how space-specific certain frequencies can be, but also how other sounds can be separated from their source and “thrown around” the space. It also shows how sound “fits” (or not) into the space provided by exploring the complexities of frequencies and their interaction. The final mix not only reveals the innate properties of the frequencies, but also the possibilities when they are combined.