2021 / 21:50 – 22:10 [gmt] BUCHAREST

POLYPHONIC ECHOES, a multilingual collaboration

Radio station:                                 Radio Romania Cultural
Venue/s of the event:                   Pre-recorded contribution
Links:                                                   Semi Silent
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POLYPHONIC ECHOES, a multilingual collaboration

Sonic voices, meaningful voices, object‐voices, a multitude of possible voices assembling in a polyglot, virtual atrium. POLYPHONIC ECHOES is a sound art & poetry project, using translations in multiple languages as independent sonic objects, each with their own individual modes of discourse. The poems have been selected by V. Leac from “Hotel Cosmos”, a 2019 anthology of sci‐fi poetry published by FrACTalia (Romania).

Sound compositions by Manja Ristić (RS/HR), Cristian Fierbințeanu (RO), Anna Kravets (UA), Ana Teodora Popa (RO), Anamaria Pravicencu (RO), and Ivan Palacký (CZ), with poems by Cosmina Moroșan (RO), Sorin Gherguț (RO), Valentina Chiriță (RO), Dmitri Miticov (RO), Gabi Eftimie (RO), and V. Leac (RO), translated to English, Czech, Ukrainian, and Serb‐Croatian, by Andrew Davidson‐Novosivschei (RO/US), Jiřina Vyorálková (CZ), Manja Ristić (RS/HR), Anna Kravets (UA), Florin Bican (RO), Alexandra Păun (RO), Alexandra Găujan (RO), and Bogdan Perdivară (RO).

Available on http://www.semisilent.ro, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.
Artistic direction and general coordination: Anamaria Pravicencu
Photographs: Sorin Nainer A project by Jumătatea plină through the podcasting platform SEMI SILENT.
Partners: Czech Center and the National Museum of Romanian Literature.
With the support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.