2022 / 19:10 – 19:30 [UTC] Prague

VENUE: Divadlo Alfred ve dvoře (The theatre Alfred in the Courtyard)
RADIO STATION: Czech Radio Vltava
LINKS: https://vltava.rozhlas.cz
STREAM: audio stream https://www.mujrozhlas.cz/zive/vltava from 19.00 UTC till 21.00 UTC

Knoblochová & Nejtek: Cinéma préparé (fragment musical)

Musical metallicity live from the theater Alfred ve Dvoře (Alfred in the Courtyard) in Prague.

“The multinational corporation Global Metallicity has announced it has successfully swept metals away the civilized world, ie cleansing it from the lasts electronic musical instruments as relics of an age of unbridled waste of strategic raw materials. Metal quotas for electromobility and consumer electronics have thus been successfully secured for this year and the metal balance established…“ So far, these are the echoes of the future from which the concept of Art’s Birthday programme in Prague has been cast. It hints at a future in which such PA sound systems can only be rented with the special permission of the Ministry of Industry, brass instruments are available at the risk of astronomical fines if only on the black market, and hearing the sound of a real harpsichord becomes a most luxurious experience reserved for the wealthiest one percent. Welcome to a world in which the linear system of consumption and the dictates of economic growth have put a PVC full stop to the metallicity of music and transformed it into mere flashback and machine-learning playback only.

Following this metalphysical logic, the evening’s program will be divided into three sections for sheet metal, wires and springs. You will be able to reminisce about a fabricated future without metal in music during the concerts.

One of acoustic performances in the concert’s part Wires have a title Cinéma préparé (fragment musical). The baroque sounds of the prepared harpsichord played by Monika Knoblochová in connection with Michal Nejtek’s electronics as musical fragments from the extensive audiovisual composition Cinéma préparé, which was performed in 2021 by both musicians in a trio together with the visual artist Jan Komárek. So, we can just listen fragments from this project and let expresive vizual elements flow thru the imagination of the mind.

Monika Knoblochová is a harpsichordist and player of historical keyboard instruments, a performer of excellent artistic and technical qualities, an avid believer in authentic interpretations of Baroque music and at the same time a well-known performer of contemporary music, holder of a number of prestigious interpretation awards. It organizes its own concert series Music Salon Café crème.

Michal Nejtek is composer and piano player. He was commissioned to write music for the Warsaw Autumn Friends Foundation (Distress Sonata; performed by the Katowice New Music Orchestra at the Warsaw Autumn Festival 2002), for Donaueschinger Musiktage 2002 (Thorn Into The Flesh) and for Klangspuren Festival 2006 (Frame Dreams). He has been active as a pianist, composer and repertory planner in the AGON Ensemble, which in May 2002 gave a profile concert of his pieces in the Archa Theatre. Since 1995 he also has played in variose Prague jazz groups.