2022 / 19:40 – 20:00 [UTC] Lausanne

VENUE: MCBA Lausanne (Musée Cantonal des Beaux Arts)
RADIO STATION: RTS Culture Espace2
LINKS: https://www.mcba.ch/2019/05/la-premiere-oeuvre-dart-a-ete-installee-dans-le-nouveau-mcba/

What do you expect?

Performance for soprano and live electroacoustic device managed by sensors.

Cosa ti aspetti ?
Mon corps parle tout seul.*
Was erwartest du ?
An obedient body? Art in abundance, a delicious poison, cream and more cream.
“My body will overflow”
Mein Körper wird stottern
My body will be a million
Il va nous déborder pour nous sortir de là, te lo prometto »*

*Excerpts from Mon corps n’obéit plus by Yoann Thommerel

This performance is the attempt of an instrumental body / augmented voice, to answer the following question: it is January 17, 2022, what do you expect ?
LAB_21.1 WDYE ? is based on the words of Yoann Thommerel (Mon corps n’obéit plus) and proposes a multilingual version for the Art’s Birthday 2022.
The singer/performer Lisa Tatin is equipped with various sensors, the movement
exists only to create sound and therefore sound calls for movement. The
voice of the performer comes to testify of this indocile body which tends to the

“I have felt the indocility of my body since I was very young. And contrary to what my entourage could have hoped for, maturity has not helped. Even today, my body stubbornly refuses to be still, my body stubbornly refuses to bend to the instructions that proliferate in our lives, including this one: learn to stay in your place and not to go beyond the limits.” Yoann Thommerel

Lisa Tatin – Singing, theater, performance, dance, circus… this is Lisa Tatin’s background.
dance and circus, she joined the HEMU Lausanne/Fribourg (CH) in singing where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree and then her Master’s degree at the ZHdK in Zürich.
Her eclectic background makes her a singer recognized for her vocal richness and her taste for research. After having made her debut in the Mozartian repertoire as well as in opera bouffe, she has dedicated herself for several years to contemporary creation and the research of alternative operatic forms. In 2016 she created Schoß Company (multimedia musical theater company) with Simona Gallo (video and light designer) and invites composers, musicians to collaborate for each creation.
Lisa Tatin will soon make her
her debut at the Zürich Opera House in a creation by Stefan Wirth in spring 2022.