2022 / 20:00 – 20:20 [UTC] FREIBURG

VENUE: E-WERK Freiburg
LINKS: http://ewerk-freiburg.de
STREAM: http://www.swr2.de/artsbirthday (embedded video-livestream by E-Werk Freiburg from 19:00 to 23:00 GMT on 15.1.2022)

Oï les Ox: Crooner qui coule sous les clous

‘Crooner qui coole sous les clous’ (translation: A crooner that sinks under nails) is a sci-fi opera about an anonymous civilian consumer and a totalitarian governor who forces people to dance to broadcasts of strange pop ballads and mutant electronics. The hour-long, four part album revolves a libretto written by the Brussels-based artist in her native French, and performed in shapeshifting guises, all set to incredibly crystalline yet mercurial synth arrangements and truly devilish drum programming. It encompasses nods to everything from coldwave to chamber music, æther folk, chanson and synth-pop in the most beguiling style, all woven together by a spellbinding vocal presence and needlepoint arps that patently place her music in a familiar, but exceedingly rare, other dimension.

Aude Van Wyller, born 1991, is a musician interested in the visual forms taken by poetry, orality in the space. After several experimentations displaying texts with several speakers and performers, she worked on a single project of a poem arranged for music, under the moniker « Oï les Ox », released in 2020 on The Death of Rave (UK), and Primordial Void (US) called « Crooner qui coule sous les clous » (A crooner that sinks under nails). She composed another poem for an EP released on Kraak records (BE) with « Terrain Transparent ». She has been resident in 2021 at Botanique (Brussels) and Hetbos (Antwerp). She played or curated installations for music in De School (2018), Universo Assisi – Mortaro Crater (2017), or Missing Numéro festival (2016).