2022 / 20:50 – 20:10 [UTC] Belgrade

VENUE: Studio 6, Radio Belgrade
RADIO STATION: Radio Belgrade
LINKS: http://vladimirtosic.com

The Arc of Duration

Radio project The Arc of Duration was conceived as a retrospective of personal artistic creation through a period of forty-five years of my work as a composer.

Every artist inevitably has his own personal artistic expression, something that distinguishes him from other contemporaries, but also in his work inevitably goes through certain stylistic changes that are the result of many circumstances: the flow of time, changes in biorhythms, changes in the external environment and various other irrational, reasons. For some artists, these changes are sharply divided and opposed, with great upheavals, and for others ̶ which is my case ̶ quite gradual, evolutionary, naturally emanating from the very beginnings of creation without major leaps and drastic changes.

The Arc of Duration is an amalgam of the most important pieces of everything I have done as a composer, a kind of compressed personal musical time and journey, condensed into twenty minutes for this radio format. The basis of this sound project is my composition Melangé (the first minimalist piece composed in our country back in 1975), which serves as the sonic base and lasts from beginning to end. Fragments of later compositions are slowly emerging from it and slowly flowing into it ̶ works important for my musical creation, forming a kind of mosaic, evolutionary arched form ̶ so characteristic for shaping my music all these past decades.

The work will include recordings of compositions: Melangé, Fragments 1-2, Dif/Fusion, No/Possibility, Quintal, Arios, Voxal, Threeal, Altus, Medial… Also, an actor will participate in the realization of the project who will read parts of my, Dadaist poem Keebookatee and one performer who will improvise within the given atmospheres.

Vladimir Tošić (b.Belgrade, 1949), composer, multimedia artist and professor at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (1987-2017). He graduated as a composer from the same faculty in the class of Vasilije Mokranjac. Vladimir Tošić won first prize at the composition competition Thomas Bloch (Paris, 2000) and third prize at the composition for children’s guitar composition (Lebach, Germany 2011). The basic approach in his artistic endeavour is the reductionistic principle of composing. All his pieces are based on particularly small number or various elements, sometimes even a single one (timbre, rhythm, harmony…). Therefore almost every composition of Vladimir Tošić may be said to have certain significant and noticeable common characteristics: processual organization, symmetrical arc form, repetition and insisting on timbre. Over the last 10 years, Vladimir Tošić has been very active in composing film scores for feature films and documentaries produced by the RTS − Serbian Broadcasting Corporation.