2022 / 21:10 – 21:30 [UTC] LEIPZIG

VENUE: ZiMMT, Zentrum für immersive Medienkunst, Musik und Technologie, Leipzig
RADIO STATION: Deutschlandfunk Kultur
LINKS: https://zimmt.net/en/about-en/


By Rosaceae

Binaural audio. Please use headphones for listening!

Helbest is the Kurdish word for poem. Helbest is the fighting name of the fallen freedom fighter Helbest Jiyan, whose real name is Sabriye Aydın and who was murdered in May 2019 in an air attack by the Turkish army in the southern Kurdish region. Composer Rosaceae presents a musical interpretation of this passing and the resurrection of the young Kurd’s martyrdom, which is transformed into a sonic poem. Inspired by the lyrics of the Armenian-Kurdish folk singer Aram Tigran to the song “Peşiya Malê”, which sings of a woman’s disappearance into the mountains in favor of her love, the composition “Helbest” interprets this love not as a relationship with a man, but to struggle. “Keçik diçe ser çiya / Gotina babê xwe nake” it says in this, “the girl goes to the mountains, she does not listen to her father”. The composition traces this progression; between sorrow and anger, glorification, hope and courage.

Under the name “Rosaceae“, the multi disciplinary artist Leyla Yenirce is active as a composer. In her latest album DNA, released on the Hamburg label Pudel Produkte, she traces the nature of resistance. Previously, the short radio piece “Reinigungskraft”, which deals with the asymmetry between employer and employee, was released on DeutschlandfunkKultur. For Art’s Birthday, Rosaceae now presents a new composition entitled “Helbest”, which interprets the progress, death and resurrection of the Kurdish freedom fighter Helbest Jiyan.