2022 / 21:40 – 22:00 [UTC] Antwerp


Art’s Birthday 2022 as a new beginning.
A clean, fresh start.
It’s time to put covid and the discord it has caused behind us.
Let’s create an Art’s laundry day
Start all washing machines
Enjoy the sound of the water, the soap, the turning, spinning and rinsing…
Spend some time checking it out
Slow radio and television
Let your machine become part of Art’s birthday party
Record yours while doing a 40° (warm) colour wash
Send it to http://planktone.be/wash
Do not hesitate to forward this request

Ward Weis

Sound engineer / artist / designer
Broadcaster / producer / composer

Antwerp / Belgium 1956.

Studied Film & Sound at NARAFI / Brussels, Industrial Science / Antwerp

Worked for VRT ( Flemish radio & television ) as engineer for music, drama, features….
Lectured Sound Design at the Royal Academy for fine Arts of Antwerp.
Readings about listening in time & space.

Works for radio, television, theatre, galleries, the web …
Prices & honourable mentions in Spain, Japan, Italia