2022 / 21:50 – 22:10 [UTC] Warsaw

VENUE: former swimming pool (currently closed) in the former Polish-Soviet Friendship House in Warsaw
LINKS: https://jerzymaczynski.com/en/

Temple Of Jetsu

The pandemic has hit the world of culture, artists and audiences. The concert halls are

The pandemic has hit the world of culture, artists and audiences. The concert halls are deserted. Radio waves and the Internet have become a natural place of contact. From April 18, 2020, Program II of the Polish Radio broadcasts short concerts recorded in the homes of musicians or other places of their choice. Half-hour-long video presentations are available on the radio and on the website every Saturday from 19.00 to 19.30. This is true to this day, despite the improvement in the situation in the summer of 2021. It is therefore the second season of covid concerts by artists representing various styles and music scenes. Their stylistic spectrum is wide. As part of the Birthday of Art 2022, we propose fragments of two concerts. Second one from 20:10 to 20:30 UTC)

Temple Of Jetsu is one of the six pieces on the album SARIANI released in autumn 2021 by the Dutch company Yeyeh. Each composition was inspired by the artist’s direct experience from his travels in India, as well as by wider cultural contexts relevant to this country in the 21st century. Among them, an important place is the first meeting with the Book of Raga (piece Raga Or Raga) and touching the spirituality in temple buildings (piece Temple of Jetu). The title track of the album (Sariani) was inspired by the fate of women in India, identifying with their dream of freedom and equality. An important experience of the author was his expedition to Mount Everest with guitarist Szymon Wójcik (the piece Everest Inn, in which the sounds recorded in the Temple of the Apes in Kathmandu were used). The album owes a lot to the friendship of Jerzy Mączyński and Wacław Zimpel, a Polish avant-garde musician with experience in the jazz, meditation and ambience scene.

Jerzy Mączyński (b. 1995) Polish saxophonist, composer and music producer. From an early age, he was educated in music schools in the fields of jazz and classical music. A graduate of the Academy of Music in Wrocław, he spent the last year of undergraduate studies on a scholarship in Denmark, where he perfected his music skills at Syddansk Musikkonservatorium (Danish National Academy of Music). In 2018 he began his master’s studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in the field of contemporary music performance. The founder and the leader of the project “Jerry & The Pelican System” .
In 2019 he released the debut album with same name in the most prestigious Jazz series in Poland called Polish Jazz. In 2021, he released the electronic LP Jerry&The Pelican System SARIANI in dutch label Yeyeh. In his career so far he played on many national and international stages, including: London Jazz Festival, Jazz Jantar, Dwa Brzegi Festival, NCPA Mumbai, Habitat Center in New Delhi, Jazz nad Odra.