2022 / 22:10 – 22:30 [UTC] LEIPZIG

VENUE: ZiMMT, Zentrum für immersive Medienkunst, Musik und Technologie, Leipzig
RADIO STATION: Deutschlandfunk Kultur
LINKS: https://zimmt.net/en/about-en/

Tales and Tiles

By hauptmeier | recker

Binaural audio. Please use headphones for listening!

In this live electronics performance, the duo Hauptmeier | Recker uses computers, a variety of controllers, tactile sensors, live sampling, no-input mixers, as well as live miking and feedback. They have developed their own system for spatializing sounds, which enables them to intuitively incorporate complex spatial gestures into their live performance. The movement of sounds in a 3D space becomes an integral part of the performance and is just as important to the music as the sound, timbre, pitch and gestures. The room itself becomes an instrument that is played by both performers at the same time.

Since 2009 the composers Martin Recker (1991) and Paul Hauptmeier (1993) have been working together as an artist duo in the field of sound- and multimedia art. In addition to works for theater and opera, live electronics, radio and electro-acoustic music, their focus lies on sound installations in public spaces. Both studied composition under Robin Minard at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar. They are a co-founders of the ZiMMT – Center for Immersive Media Art, Music and Technology – in Leipzig.