2022 / 20:30 – 20:50 [UTC] Ljubjana

VENUE: Studio 13, Radio Slovenia
RADIO STATION: Radio Slovenia Third Channel – ARS
LINKS: https://ars.rtvslo.si/
STREAM: https://ars.rtvslo.si/2022/01/ebu-rojstni-dan-umetnosti-2022/

Jaka Berger: Breakfast With Cardew

For more than a decade Jaka Berger has been developing his reading of Cornelius Cardew’s monumental Treatise collection after taking part in a workshop by the guitarist Keith Rowe, one of the heirs of creative interpretations of these scores. During this creative period Berger has assembled his system of prepared snare drum, feedback speakers, modular synth, string boxes, effects and objects, which enables him a variety of both reductionist approach and building of complex, busy textures. He presented his creative exploration of the graphic scores in several performances and two albums of his Cardew interpretations (Brgs – 46​/​3​/​84​/​115, released in 2015 and Breakfast With Cardew, released in 2021). His Art’s Birthday Party set will include selection of the interpretations from the latest album.

Jaka Berger alias BRGS is a well-known Slovene drummer, improviser and composer who works in various musical forms from free improvisation, free jazz, electroacoustic music, experimental music, field recordings to punk rock, noise, and dub. He often deploys various electronics and preparations to his drum kit to explore the sound potentials. Since 2014 he has been publishing music for prepared drums that he is constructing by himself. His albums are regulary reviewed by international media on improvisation and electroacoustic music. He is part of experimental sound instalation project Partija/The game with visual artist Matej Stupica, member of bands Ludovik Material and Darla Smoking and has toured with EBM legends Borghesia. In 2016 he performed his most complex piece Audiable life stream tentet for ten musicians. In 2017 finished a japan tour and released second album with international VOB trio. Currently he is performing free jazz with Mezei Šalamon Berger trio, Džukljev Berger duo and Šalamon Džukljev Berger – Fresh Dust trio (FMR records UK), Bootleg Unit (FMR records UK), released electro acoustic album dedicated to composer Morton Feldman with pianist Dejan Berden and integrating modular synth into his preapred drumset. In the past year he has created a cycle of ten sound interpretations of Slovene contemporary poets Poetrix, expanding his field of experimental research to sound poetry and speech composition traditions.