2022 / 22:20 – 22:40 [UTC] Wienna

Manifestation of An Elf Cyborg Alien by Mataya Waldenberg with Chelle Montocchio

Kunstradio Art`s Birthday 2022 – Live
With Mataya Waldenberg together with Chelle Montocchio and Knurrhahn (Reni Weichselbaum and Bernhard Loibner) Ö1 Kunstradio celebrates the birthday of art with artists around the world. This year’s 1 059 000th Art’s Birthday will be live from the studio RP4. Following the French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou, who discovered Art’s Birthday, Kunstradio celebrates this special networked festival with live performances by Elf Cyborg Alien Mataya Waldenberg with Chelle Montocchio and the artist duo Knurrhahn.

Manifestation of An Elf Cyborg Alien by Mataya Waldenberg with Chelle Montocchio
The elf cyborg alien Mataya Waldenberg invites you on a journey to his homeland, a planet for which there is no written or spoken translation, but can only be felt. With the help of the instructions of the artificial intelligence F.I.N.L.E.A. (“fusion-powered intergalactic navigation lightspeed exploration assistant” – developed by Chelle Montocchio), which also functions as the control interface of the spaceship of the Elf Cyborg Alien, this journey is to succeed in front of the inner eye of the listeners.

Mataya Waldenberg is an elf cyborg alien raised by human parents and reclaiming their true form through music – having come to planet Earth with the goal of empowering the practice of magical creation.This comes through interactive live performances that deliberately tear down the wall between performer and audience, utilizing acts like stomping, clapping and singing mantras together, that directly transport the audience into the elf alien’s fantastical homeland, depicted in sonic landscapes and emotionally connect them with each other – carried by Mataya’s operatic elven voice on self-produced ethereal synthesizer sounds and strong beats.
Chelle Montocchio is an artist from Vienna working with music, visual art and tattooing and also writing texts. He/she deals a lot with gender, mental health and anthropology. Eggcetera, eggcetera.