2022 / 22:40 – 23:00 [UTC] Wienna

1.000.006 by Knurrhahn (Reni Weichselbaum and Bernhard Loibner)

Kunstradio Art`s Birthday 2022 – Live
With Mataya Waldenberg together with Chelle Montocchio and Knurrhahn (Reni Weichselbaum and Bernhard Loibner) Ö1 Kunstradio celebrates the birthday of art with artists around the world. This year’ s 1 059 000th Art’s Birthday will be live from the studio RP4. Following the French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou, who discovered Art’s Birthday, Kunstradio celebrates this special networked festival with live performances by Elf Cyborg Alien Mataya Waldenberg with Chelle Montocchio and the artist duo Knurrhahn.

1.000.006 by Knurrhahn (Reni Weichselbaum and Bernhard Loibner)
This instrumental duo is dedicated to conversations between instrumental and electronic sound waves. It is a meeting of two musicians developing an improvised dialogue which melts sonic textures and musical gestures into manifestations of movement and stillness. Their aim is to lead the audience towards a practice of active listening within various figurations between silence and noise. The sublime timbres of the Paetzold-Recorder and other reed instruments meet pulsating oscillators, abstract sound layers and noise elements from analog and digital electronic instruments. This results in expressive to meditative acoustic formations with vigorous effect on the recipient.

Reni Weichselbaum – Studied instrumental pedagogy for the recorder, music education and German studies in Vienna, Karlsruhe and Barcelona, with a focus on contemporary and improvised music. Works as a teacher for music, German, creative design and stage play at the Hernalser Gymnasium Geblergasse, Vienna and plays the recorder in different constellations (e.g. snim – with Bernhard Schöberl, Klaus Haidl, Gobi Drab, Gloria Damian, Laura Pudelek, Michael Zacherl and many more; knuRRhaHn – Bernhard Loibner & Reni Weichselbaum; PLENUM – Angelica Castello, Maja Osojnik, Thomas List, Katrin Hauk, Gobi Drab, Steffi Neuhuber; MONOCLE – Manon Liu Winter, Katharina Klement, Josef Novotny, Reni Weichselbaum).

Bernhard Loibner is a composer, creator of electronic music and media artist from Vienna, Austria. Plenty of concerts, releases and collaborations in the past 30 years. His musical compositions are characterised by intricate sound textures and harsh noises, often implying a pulsating moment