2023 / 19:00 – 19:20 [UTC] BUCHAREST

VENUE: Targu Mures
RADIO STATION: Radio Romania Cultural / Semi Silent
LINKS: www.semisilent.ro

The Hidden Environment—The Feeling of the Cave

“There are always two worlds in which we move. We are connected with all other people, but we nevertheless each experience what is happening around us in a very different, individual way. Particularly in times of isolation, when one is thrown back on oneself, we occasionally become painfully aware of this dichotomy. In The Hidden Environment—The Feeling of the Cave, Simina Oprescu spans a bridge between the interior and the exterior, these two realities of life, which are in constant flux.”

Simina Oprescu (b. 1993) is a composer and multidisciplinary artist from Bucharest, Romania. She graduated the Dynamic Image and Photography Department at the Bucharest National University of Arts and studied at the department of acousmatic composition at the Royal Conservatory of Mons (Belgium) for one year. She is currently residing in Berlin, continuing her studies at the UdK’s M.A – Sound Studies and Sonic Arts. Simina was part of the SHAPE roster in 2020, a collaboration that made possible the following projects to surface : ‘The Hidden Environment/The Feeling of the Cave’ (48’) commissioned by ORF/musikprotokoll, OE1 Kunstradio, Vienna; ‘Ludus’ (AV) commissioned work by MOTA Museum and Sonica Festival, Ljublanja, ‘Sulphurus Formicidae’ (AV, 4’27”), commissioned by Rokolectiv Festival a project developed entitled “Earthly Soundtracks For The Non-Human”. She was awarded the silver award at Grand Prix Nova for the work ‘Drip Drop’ (4’11’, 2018) commissioned by SEMI SILENT and a nomination at Phonurgia Nova – Pierre Schaeffer with the silent movie soundtrack of ‘Drăguș, life in a Romanian Village’ commissioned by Image&Sound. Her track KI 03 was featured in The Wire’s “Below The Radar” compilations series. She has been an active presence in the Romanian experimental music scene in the past years.