2023 / 20:00 – 20:20 [UTC] GENEVA

Four Contributions specially conceived for the Art’s Birthday by the students of the HEAD Department

Mathis Baltisberger: Symphonie infrasonique
Symphonie infrasonique is a piece with industrial and melodic sounds that will be progressively “destroyed” to arrive at an aggressive and noisy result. By this fact, the listeners will be guided through different emotional states.

Sandra Lumingu : Connexion cosmique : Des Ancêtres aux Aliens
This sound piece is composed of repetitive electronic rhythms played at different intensities. From her imagination, Sandra creates a fictitious dialogue with Aliens in order to establish a connection to her ancestors as well as all black people who have never had access to public facilities due to their conditions. It is a tribute to those who came before her.

Elisa Wyss: crying dub – remix
This piece was created as a tribute to Grace Jones. crying dub – remix is a work that evokes water in its multiple forms and mainly that of emotion. Water as a natural element relates us to our own materiality, but also to the environment in which it exists and evolves.

Laure Federiconi :”Vanessa Atalanta”
Vanessa Atalanta is not only the story of a Vulcan butterfly. It is its song, and also that of the ship, and the paths that are forced, the lines of desire in the fields, a story without narration that happens as much at 5pm as at 8am. Laure Federiconi writes pieces for butterflies and for waking up, as well as for sleeping.

Photo by Raphaëlle Mueller

Mathis Baltisberger I started playing music at the age of 6 years old at the conservatory of Fribourg. I then put aside this practice until 2016, when I went to visit a large collection of synthesizers that later turned into SMEM in Fribourg. Fascinated by analog synthesis, I startedto invest in equipment and produce my own pieces in an industrial movement with dark and melancholic notes. Since then, I never stop exploring and evolving in this universe of infinite possibilities and full of surprises.

Sandra Lumingu is a multidisciplinary artist and student at HEAD-Geneva in Visual Art. Her artistic practice deals with different themes such as science, popular culture, repetition, spirituality, recomposition and consumption of images. For this, she mainly uses sound, installation, performance, collage and writing as mediums.

Born in 1997 in Lausanne, Elisa Wyss works on questions of generations and what they define about us: what we love, what we admire, what we identify with. Whether it is family, pop culture, spirituality, our origins and its mythologies, she reinterprets different narratives from her own experience and tries to make them resonate with a potential common evocation. Her works are mostly in the form of installations and appropriation of space.