2023 / 19:40 – 20:00 [UTC] PRAGUE

VENUE: Punctum, Prague
RADIO STATION: Czech Radio Vltava


STREAM: https://www.mujrozhlas.cz/zive/vltava

Boh Vajec + Sklobeton = Formačka

A recently discovered scrolls of the master of the art Anakuej Anločen Jugurus Kajd Tudun revealed a treatise entitled “On the pernicious influence of virtuosity on the interpretation of a work of Art”. This more than one millennia-old reflection provides insight into contemporary thinking about the fundamental contradiction of the concept of art, that is, when it still is and when it ceases to be.

Master Kajd Tudun reveals the symbolism based on the sign of one finger versus the transition to the use of two fingers in interpreting a work of art. He explains this by showing how thinking about art has radically changed just because of the difference in the use of one or two fingers. Today, we know that this is a sign, but the striking thing is that it is still an ongoing debate. Kajd Tudun reveals that up until the time when humanity created work with one finger, it had to limit its thinking to what is called the inevitable. This meant that work was entrusted to a few individuals. The sign of using two fingers applies to today. Two fingers means ornament. It is a movement, an accelerated and abbreviated rendering of the same information of a work of art as with one finger. Kajd Tudun points out that the so-called inevitable (when using one finger) becomes the so-called pernicious (when using two fingers).

Based on this theory, let’s keep an open mind when designing the dramaturgy of the Art’s Birthday 2023, and while listening to the selected artists, let’s continue to ask ourselves the question: Where are we today – in the symbolism of one or two fingers?

Boh Vajec, photo by Alex Chudá

One of the six acoustic performances that will take place in Prague’s Punctum club to celebrate the existence of art will be Boh Vajec + sklobeton = Formačka. The duo of musicians Richard Grimm and František Pisarovič will attempt to deconstruct and meta-describe the traditional values of folk brass music, which one of the protagonists found in the family archive of his grandfather and father. Pluderphony of traditions combined with the most modern technologies of modular synthesizers. The result could be an unidentifiable third finger caught in the mist of a single finger’s rapid movement. We will hear what is in the space between one and the other finger.

Sklobeton, photo by Alex Chudá

Richard Grimm is a wide-ranging multi-instrumentalist and performer. He studies composition at Prague’s HAMU and, in addition to classical music and his solo project Boh Vajec, he is involved in the projects God and Eve, Sokoloská 18, and also Raptor Koch, where he play drumms.

František Pisarovič is an automotive journalist and also a music producer operating in the fields of electronic music under the pseudonym sklobeton. Together with Boh Vajec, he is also part of the experimental duo Sokolská 18.

Both come from the town of Senica in the west of Slovakia and have been friends for 24 years. Richard hates 4/4 bar and František loves it and they say they plays quite well sometimes.

Boh Vajec + sklobeton = Formačka (God of eggs + glassconcrete = Band)