2023 / 21:20 – 21:40 [UTC] PRAGUE

ABBH: closely aside

black hole has no hair 
or other qualities
electric charge

it doesn’t disseminating any information
no programme
no ideas, no opinions
no ideological content

only the phenomena in its surroundings are observable
such as time dilation
or this music:
a woman’s voice corresponds to material
the trombone of dynamics
electronics to electric charge
only negative space passes into the transmission

of course, there seems to be nothing to say about the hole itself, but that’s 
wrong: The mouth or the trumpet can of course be used 
freely, in any way
but then the star must not be surprised that something swallows it
It happens even in better families
better said: 
in all families
it’s a party
with a binding booking

by the way, from a quantum point of view
perhaps the hole may be
covered with some kind of pubic hair
especially with enough rotation
(rotation – periodicity – tone)
and it may even
simply evaporate eventually

So all the best
I mean: so all

Tomáš Vtípil is a composer, multi-instrumentalist (mainly violinist), performer, singer, member of several musical groups of various genres, author of film and stage music, music producer. Tomáš producer is Vtipil of noise.

Jana Vondrů, a graduate of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts and the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, is a singer who currently works mainly in the field of contemporary music. She is attracted to this genre because of its topicality of themes, variability of expressive means and also because of the possibility to create a distinctive view of a vocal work and to capitalize on it in the expression itself.

Trombonist Václav Kalivoda is a musical improviser and imaginative creator. He graduated from Bard College Conservatory of Music in the US and then spent a year at the Darmasiswa Fellowship in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where he studied traditional Indonesian gamelan music. In addition to classical trombone, solo chamber and orchestral music, he has performed other genres (jazz, swing, klezmer, samba, etc.) as well as music for theater and dance performances. He improvises with various dancers and musical groups (Voříšci, Moving Orchestra, Prague Improvisation Orchestra, B4, etc.).