2023 / 19:10 – 19:30 [UTC] ANTWERP

THE LAST NOTE (de laatste noot )

An indictment.
No one belongs in a trench.
No one.
Every evening at 8 pm the LAST POST sounds in Ypres.
Volunteer firefighters have been doing this since 1928.
They commemorate the countless fallen soldiers of the First World War.
Even today, soldiers die in trenches.
Are there many missing. Thanks to Fibonacci, the last note contains silences.
Please respect these.
THE LAST NOTE commemorates with you

Part of the LAST NOTE is the LONG NOTE.
I keep a stream running for 48 hours and like to give anyone to create together the LONG NOTE

Find attached a document how it works and can be connected. https://www.swisstransfer.com/d/34dedd60-8a4f-4c39-b9b8-e41d26b3707a

Sound engineer / artist / designer
Broadcaster / producer / composer
Antwerp / Belgium 1956.
Studied Film & Sound at NARAFI / Brussels, Industrial Science / Antwerp
Worked for VRT ( Flemish radio & television ) as engineer for music, drama, features….
Lectured Sound Design at the Royal Academy for fine Arts of Antwerp.
Readings about listening in time & space.
Works for radio, television, theatre, galleries, the web …
Prices & honourable mentions in Spain, Japan, Italia