Art’s Birthday – Eternal Network and Fete Permanente.

It all began, when someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket full of water. This was the memorable moment, when Art was born, and it hasn’t ceased to exist, to stir and make noise ever since.

Robert Filliou, a renowned French Fluxus artist, declared 17th January 1963 as the 1,000.000th Birthday of Art. His idea was to honour Art as a global and infinite phenomenon, with artists and art institutions worldwide joining in a networked celebration every year on this very day, 17th January. 
The concept of the “Eternal Network” and the “Fete Permanente”, terms coined by Filliou, was embraced by artists working with early telecommunication networks in the 1990s. A loose yet growing community of independent Art’s Birthday parties ( was joined by the Euroradio Ars Acustica group in 2005, with its members, i.e. producers of and programs for Radio Art, contributing, sharing and transmitting presents on air and on line. From the countless hours of performances, concerts, live mixes and public events of the last years, the Ars Acustica has compiled this double CD to provide a cross-section and the range of its Art’s Birthday activities.

The international Art’s Birthday network continues to constantly change its size and form, in flux and with surprising contributions to each annual Fete pour l’Art. See and hear for yourselves – and join in!

Next time on 17th January.