22:30 – 22:55 [gmt] Radio Slovenia

A Tale of  Voice and Flute

In a small Slovenian cave, Divje Babe I, beneath Šebrelje in the Divje Babe Archaeological Park, a stone age man, most likely a Neanderthal, 50,000 years ago apparently drilled three identical well-considered holes with a stone tool in the thigh bone of a young cave bear and from the resulting object enticed a simple melody. With the sounds that reverberated through the cave he is thought to »have crossed the border between animal instincts and higher consciousness, thus paving the way to creative spirituality.« The cave is therefore frequently referred to as “the cradle of world music”.

The composition, based on the authors’ Ars Acustica Arts’ Birthday Party 2011 project di ba baab di ya beu©, is a surrealistic attempt to reconstruct a ritualistic environment that led our ancestors to extend  their communication from  the within the primal cave of vocal articulation into the outer, instrumental, abstract sonic reality based on a hollow  piece of bone. The material used consists of  various recordings of Slovenian caves and environments, female voice and »natural objects« percussion.

Performers: Zvezdana Novakovič –  voice, Ljuben Dimkaroski  – mousterian flute, Franci Krevh – percussion, Marko Hatlak – accordion, Luka Juhart – accordion,  Bor Turel  – electronics, Gregor Pirš – electronics

Realization: Radio Slovenia, Bor Turel’s  Private Studio, Yellow Room Studio