22:10 – 22:30 [gmt] Radio Romania


is an artistic collective reunited around the idea of improvised music and naturalness of the musical performance. With it’s mixture of spoken poetry, dada stories, incantation chants, ambiental rhythms, psychedelic sonorities, Avant’n’Gard it’s an unique project on the Romanian scene and – since it’s creation, almost 2 years ago – was invited to participate in festivals like The International New Music Week, Street Delivery, Bran Castle Fest, Jazz and More in Sibiu and sustained concerts in different spaces in Bucharest and other cities in Romania, among them The National Center of Contemporary Dance, clubs (Art Jazz Club, Green Hours, Control Club, Moskva Cafe), terraces (Shift Pub) and tea houses. We released a bootleg album called Peisaj pictat în ceai (Landscape painted in tea), containing the recording of a concert given in Art Jazz Club in may, 2010.

Maria Balabaş studied Musicology and piano at the National University of Music Bucharest and is working right now as a journalist at the National Cultural Radio in Romania, where she is moderating and producing the program called The Crossover Morning. She is awarded prizes in piano and musicological competitions, gave performances in Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam and her radio art creations where broadcasted by Resonancefm from London, Radio Zero in Lisbon and Radio Campus in Brussels.
Mihai Balabaş is a talented violinist, studying at the National University of Music in Bucharest and having activity both in the symphonic and in underground musical scene. He collaborated with local bands such as Byron and Bucium and is developing fully his talent  as an improviser and as a musical thinker in the Avant’n’Gard project. 

Călin Torsan
is a legendary character, being one of the first musicians who played on the streets of the revolutionized Romania. He created and collaborated in lots of bands, among them Domnişoara Pogany, Einuiea, Jazzadezz, Nu şi apa neagră, he published volumes at prestigious publishing houses and has done tours in Germany, Japan and Romania. He collects flutes, clarinets and other wind instruments from all the corners of the world. 
The percussionist Gabriel Bălaşa is starting to be one of the most desired musicians on the Romanian underground scene and not only, people admiring him for his energy and good vibe. His studies as a painter contributed to his personality as a good color musician and he is able to be personal and free in projects dealing with old music, rock, folk and world music.  Together – we create and we share the state of being free as part of a group, in a true artistic communication. Even if in Romania this musical direction doesn’t have a big public yet, we are sure we will create one – with persons that have a great musical sense, are looking for originality and a society that fulfills their ideals.       

shared a performance in Control Club – the main club dedicated to experimental, improvised, indie music in Bucharest – with the German artist Marcus Beuter and with a spoken word Romanian artist, Norzeatic. Without any other talking or plans, the performance mixed field recordings, poetry, electronics, acoustical instruments and modified sounds, in a continuous flow based on a very careful listening between the artists on stage.   

Marcus Beuter
was born in 1968 in Wuppertal, Germany. Grown up in a small town nearby, he went to Hamburg after finishing school. Civil Service, vocational, social profession followed. After a few years he retreated into nature. Place of living and work is nowadays a wooden hut in a forest. Journeys through Europe, Iran, Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Gambia, Senegal, USA.
Working hereby on an own archive of field recordings. Since 2001 intensified interest in soundart. In 2003 co-founder of the record label fragmentrecordings with following cd releases. Since 2005 more and more sound installations, sometimes in cooperation with sculptors and visual artists. Since 2008 live-performance of improvised electronic music based on his field recordings.
Member of Cooperativa Neue Musik, DEGEM, Trio TATUNTAT, Trio Beuter, Höger, Schwieger also as the Ensemble Theatrum Somnium Medusae. Works with filmmakers and directors.
Norzeatic is a very renowned hip hop/spoken word artist in Romania, but he is also interested in jazz and also he’s exploring some other artistic and musical possibilities – opening his perception to electronic and experimental music. He is joining Avant’n’Gard on stage quite often.