2015 / 19:20 – 19:30 [gmt] Free Radio / Live from space

Lmyvii: La Monte Young 1960 no. 7

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Lmyvii: La Monte Young 1960 no. 7
A performance and generative audio streaming project for Art’s Birthday 2015

absolute value of noise (Vancouver) : harmonica + tone Generator

David Axis Tribal Garage (Edmonton)

Givan Bela (aka Guy Van Belle) (Hranice, CZ): double barrel + golden grandiosa + kravin metal door + kruh + piano + tass + trumpet

Hank Bull (Vancouver): voice

Don Chow (Vancouver): soprano saxophone

Anna Friz (recorded in Valparaíso Chile): Sruti Box

Himiko (Edmonton): EXS24, synth, “digital choir”

Gene Kosowan (Edmonton): Korg mini-KP2 Kaoss Pad

Wilfred Kozub (Edmonton): Korg M1

Paul Morris (aka Argument Club) (London, UK): 5 string banjon with all strings tuned to the required note

nobodisoundz (France): analogic piano reworked

John Oparyk (Edmonton): Logic Pro Efm-1 Synthesizer

Stephen Sereda (Edmonton): Casio CTK-571 Keyboard, Perc Organ

Karen Correia da Silva (Leeds, UK): voice

Adam Sloan (Denver): bass + synthetic (VST) piano, MonoPloy, Synth

Stefano Brunelli Spada (aka L I G H T P A R A D E) (Rimini): 120mm computer fan, a voltage regulator, a Yamaha FX500

Ward Weis (Antwerp): a grain silo resonating in the port of Antwerp + a petrochemical plant retuned

Tex Wonderful (Edmonton): Harmony Rocket Guitar

This project was inspired + instigated by Don Chow with help from AVN