RTBF (Live from Brussels)

RTBF (Belgium)

Alessandro Bosetti


Performance for voice, live and pre-recorded electronics and audience feed.

For 2010 Art’s Birthday, EBU.

Cerebration follows the usual path of voice and electronic solo performances of Alessandro Bosetti. The italian musician/ composer has worked extensively on the musicality of spoken language.  He created many performances where extremely detailed speech-sound scores are carried out on the fringe between sound and meaning. This performance is especially conceived for the RTBF installment of the 2010 Art Birthday series of events hosted by European Broadcasting Union.  It introduces  further elements of unpredictability into his usual text-sound practice.

A lonely man is sitting on stage. He is a vocal performer, ready to use his voice, his speech, his utterances. He receives instructions from a pair of headphones. What he does integrates into an electro-acoustic score. Sounds are projected into the room. At first the task seems to be simple. There is a text, there is a narrative or multiple narratives. The lonely performer neither talks/speaks/sings. He rather does something in between those three. He tightly dubs  pitches of speech melodies. He follows a path, and celebrates the joy of being musical somewhere in between music and spoken language. He advances like a tight rope walker. Never loosing his balance but in an ever threatened position, at risk of falling either on the side of meaning on or that of sound. At a certain point things start getting more complicated. The spectators may start asking themselves : “what are exactly the cues that he is receiving via the pair of headphones ?”. At the beginning it may have been a simple track, a click or a cue to hold on, to get pitches and attacks. Now something has changed. Headphones are asking to solve problems. They ask the performer to think and give answers. Instructions are messing up the performer’s brain. They are fooling his perception. The celebration is turned into a cerebration. Count odd series numbers, hold on to blurry memories, answer questions and so on. He is in trouble. The spectator discovers he has access to his head. He can communicate to him while he is on stage, he can provide him a score via microphones disseminated in the room. The performer proceeds, careful not to fall. In between talking/speaking/singing, he processes the problematic information. He is asked to “perform”. He accelerates.


Alessandro Bosetti was born in Milan, Italy in 1973. He is a composer and multidisciplinary artist working on the musicality of spoken words and unusual aspects of spoken communication, producing text-sound compositions featured in live performances, radio broadcastings and published recordings. In his work he moves across the line between sound anthropology and composition, often including translation and misunderstanding in the creative process. Field research and interviews build the basis for abstract compositions, along with electro-acoustic and acoustic collages, relational strategies, trained and untrained instrumental practices, vocal explorations and digital manipulations. Recent text sound projects include African Feedback (Errant Bodies press), the interactive speaking machine “MaskMirror” (STEIM, Kunstradio.at a.o. ) and  his own ensemble Trophies with guitar player Kenta Nagai, vocalist Christian Kesten, and drummers Morten J.Olsen and Ches Smith. Alessandro Bosetti has been touring extensively in europe, USA and Asia and  lives in Berlin (Germany).


I sleep. I try to sleep. I try to move from a lacanian state of interpassivity to a state of genuine passivity. I am the moon. I am the hanging man. I wait for judgment. I just entered a dark room with the window open. Outside it rains. Its pitch black. The rain is sucking every sound from the room. The dark is sucking out the room from the room. I sleep beside things and people. Try to dream of them.

I idolize corrado costa that once said : “i do nothing but i do it slowly”. I slept beside chillida sculptures in a scultpure park. I thought about the minigolf nearby. I thought about the smurfs. Smurfs as emblems of political minorities. I listen to smurfs and visitors of the sculpture park. I listen to people i never met just in order to be missing them. I pose in a pose of longing. I wear a dress of nostalgia.

I desire. I try to sing. Not much comes out. I repeat phrases. Over and over. Until i can fall asleep. I try to fall asleep on stage. I stage. I stand between my mouth and my voice. I say. I sleep.

Alessandro Bosetti
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