2013 / 19:40 – 20:00 [gmt] SwissRadio / Live from Lausenne

Art’s Birthday 2013

Radio station:                              RTS-Espace2 (Radio Télévision Suisse)
Venue/s of the event:                  MAMCO Geneva (Museum of modern art)
Links:                                             http://www.rts.ch/dossiers/2013/art-s-birthday/
audio:                                             http://www.rts.ch/dossiers/2013/art-s-birthday/
video:                                             http://www.rts.ch/dossiers/2013/art-s-birthday/
pictures:                                        http://www.rts.ch/dossiers/2013/art-s-birthday/

The Art’s birthday 2013 will take place and invade the MAMCO of Geneva. From 19h to 23h00, the whole museum will resonate with an original performance of the American artist Charlemagne Palestine and the duo of sound poetry and guitar with Anne-James Chaton and Andy Moor.

Appart of that around fifty artists had been contacted to make sound postcards, one minute long about the Art’s Birthday. The 17th of January, these short pieces will be broadcasted, dispatched in regulars programs during  the whole day. www.espace2.ch

Andy Moor and Anne James Chaton first began performing together in 2004 when Chaton joined the Ex onstage to perform one of their songs …they later began to collaborate as duo building the music and text for one of Chatons portrait series of a journalist    which later resulted in their first CD ” le Journaliste “. Since then Andy and Chaton have toured widely in Europe , Canada and Japan ..always building, reconstructing and adjusting their set and performance using improvisation as a creative source ..also in more recent months including video projections. They combine guitar riffs and loops, abstact noise, live sampling, dark beats and the unmistakable voice of chaton very present and rhythmic and somehow musical though never intentionally. At present they are working on their Transfer series based around the themes of transition and transportation the results of which will be released as a series of 4 seven inch singles in 2011 of which 2 are already out on the unsounds label.