2013 / 20:30 – 20:50 [gmt] SWR / Live from Karlsruhe

Matt Wand Trio with Lucio Capece and Alexis Malbert

Radio station:                              Südwestrundfunk
Venue/s of the event:                  HfG Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe State University of Arts and Design)
Links:                                             http://artsbirthday.hfg-karlsruhe.de/
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SWR2Matt Wand (GBR) / from Salford (UK), became known to a wider public especially with Stock, Hausen & Walkman (1991-2001), frequent collaboration with Tony Oxley (The Tony Oxley Quartet, The Tony Oxley Orchestra) and aka Small Rocks.
Stock, Hausen & Walkman (Matt
Wand, Rex Casswell, Andrew Sharpley and Daniel Weaver) was known for making sample-heavy, subversively funny collages with a healthy disregard for copyright issues: “taking pot shots at anything that moves, be it high art music, low pop or cheesy listening” (The Wire 163).
Besides live performances, radio work, installations Matt Wand has written film scripts for short films and animations (one winning the Goldcrest Award for best short in 1988) and shown many small gauge movies in the UK and abroad. He also runs the independent artistic recording label Hot Air.

Lucio Capece (ARG) / is born in Argentina and Berlin based since 2004. He studied classical guitar before moving to soprano saxophone, bass clarinet and Sruti Box. Lucio Capece plays bass clarinet with self created extended techniques, as well as strange motorized mutes and baffles combined with other sub and high frequent acoustics via cardboard tubes. He prepares his saxophone with everyday objects as well as a raw feedback set where the saxophone is amplified and combined with mixers. His playing is strongly affected by everyday electronic and mechanical sounds.

Alexis Malbert (FRA) / Since 1999, the French artist Alexis Malbert (aka Tapetronic) distracts (magnetics), recycles (plastics) and transforms (mechanics) audio cassettes and tape recorders to make machines to play music. Inventor, among other things, the Scratchette (it Scratch the cassette !), or the Vibro-K7, the Audio-Skate, the Wheeling Walkman, it acts directly on mechanical devices to produce music for strange and deviant dancefloor slope.