2013 / 20:50 – 21:10 [gmt] Radio Belgrade / Live from Belgrade

Canzone distorte

Radio station:                              Radio Belgrade, 3rd Program
Venue/s of the event:                  Radiotelevision Serbia, Radio Belgrade 3, Studio 6
Links:                                             http://canzonedistorte.tumblr.com/ site will be active from January 17th, 2013
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In front of us there are two worlds or two paths as it is told in fairytale. In fact, in fairytale there are always three paths to be chosen at the crossroads. Each one  leads us in the different adventure being a  part of the same story. We can imagine: the worlds  to which those signposts direct us are not distant. On the contrary, they are so close, almost parallel and they touch each other. Yet they are not aware of that. Each of these worlds thinks that the other one does not sing about him. Each says: No, I didn’t mean it, admitting in that way that it feels some kind of “lack” and “missing”. That’s because each one looks itself at the other ones and because they have been chasing around for each other from the beginning.


are the songs with fissures and cracking. Unexpected apertures to some other Universes. Little worm-holes between different acoustic planes and scenes. Sonority changes radically from loud, screaming world to the intimate and close one. From the sound of the human voice to the eavesdropping of the reverberation of the world.

Editor: Predrag Stamenkovic, editor of the project within the Sound Workshop of Radio Belgrade Drama Department