2013 / 22:20 – 22:40 [gmt] ERR / Live from Tallinn

Crooked Manifestos

Radio station:                              Klassikaraadio
Venue/s of the event:                  Tallinn, Old Radio House
Links:                                             http://www.facebook.com/#!/klassikaraadio?fref=ts
audio:                                             http://klassikaraadio.err.ee/helid?main_id=1542413&lang=
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pictures:                                        http://klassikaraadio.err.ee/galerii2?gid=6628

Klassikaraadio in cooperation with Artishok presents: Crooked Manifestos.  Art’s Birthday celebration in Tallinn Radio House – unique studio space that is usually reserved for serious concert-recordings only. But filling it with Fluxus spirit and serious fun, it will be opened up for a short time frame to wider audience to create one-of-the-kind experience both for performers and audience.

Art and criticism movement Artishok that was started in 2006 operates as self-organizational, collective, open platform for raising questions about art and writing about it, both in context of Estonia and among wider audiences. Artishok has many faces, so to characterize this only as a type of online art journalism or blog would be too narrow. More its a umbrella that gathers under it experimental Artishok Biennale, online label called Artishok Record and Artishok TV

for lo-fi multimedia productions. Aside, Artishok organizes live events such as exhibitions, reading groups, round tables and parties and cooperates with different initiatives from Estonia and abroad. For Arts Birthday, Artishok invited philosopher and vocalist Roomet Jakapi and artist, musician and underground movie connoisseur Mihkel Kleis to experiment with art manifestos from different periods, movements and artistic positions and to mix them with improvisational

music and vocals. Arts Birthday sounds in today`s post-post-modern context extremely grandiose, so only most monumental statements and most intense performance would be suitable enough to give upstanding birthday greeting for ART. Jakapi`s vocals that float, brake and build

up in dada sound poetry style will interpret art manifestos Artishok editorial board`s collective brain has chosen; Kleis will create equally psychedelic electronic music counterpart. Partly prepared, its still a happening – audience will be roped in and as in all Fluxus gags, no one is a bystander, art and life will blur for short but intense moment in that high temperature that afterwords no one would have any wish left to ask: but what is art?

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