2017 / 22:20 – 22:40 [gmt] live from Duisburg

Je höher der Anspruch, desto tiefer der Anspruch
The higher the demands, the lower the demands

Radio station:                                 Lokal Harmonie
Venue/s of the event:                  Lokal Harmonie, Harmoniestraße 41, D-47119 Duisburg
Links:                                                   Lokal Harmonie

audio stream:                                 to be announced soon
video stream:                                  +

Je höher der Anspruch, desto tiefer der Anspruch
The higher the demands, the lower the demands
A musical palaver from where the crows fly backwards
Radio art is a central part of the ambitions of several artists from Duisburg’s most thriving cultural quarter. On Art’s Birthday 2017 the leading heads gather in a former ironmongers store, now a breeding place for experimental arts, to give voice to the father and the mother of Art and to include the audience in a choir of birthday celebration, as well as experimental music. The evening will form part of the schedule of EBU’s Art’s Birthday broadcast at Euroradio https://arsacustica.wordpress.com/artsbirthday/

Artists involved are:
Achim Zepezauer | electronics
Wolfgang van Ackeren | organ
Till Steinebach | e-git
Barbara Schachtner | mezzo-soprano
Sabine Bohnen, Frank Alkämper, Achim Zepezauer | text
Adriana Kocijan, Klaus Steffen, Robert Bosshard | voices

Lokal Harmonie is part of Kreativquartier Ruhrort, a cooperation of artists, musicians and arts-lovers from Duisburg. It is situated right within Europe’s main inland harbour at the merge of the rivers Rhine and Ruhr. Embracing the change from a once wealthy and free harbour town in the 1800s to a partly declined suburb by the late 20th century, creating new perspective through engaged and visionary common people, Ruhrort tries to lift itself up by it’s own bootstraps.
Award winning Lokal Harmonie is weaving concepts of experimental music, performing arts and social experiments into a busy schedule. In 2017 radio arts are in the center of the activities, hosting a series of radio drama and features of Germany’s renowned Radio Station Deutschlandradio Kultur.