2018 / 21:30 – 21:50 [gmt] live from FREIBURG

Andrea Belfi – Ore

Radio station:                                SWR 2
Venue/s of the event:                  E-WERK Freiburg
Links:                                                   SWR: Art’s Birthday
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audio stream:                                 SWR: Art’s Birthday
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Italian-born Andrea Belfi is a drummer, composer and experimental musician. Artfully blending the acoustic with the electronic, his performances are equal parts energetic and hypnotic, featuring long-arching soundscapes that are rich and immersive.

Inspired by the likes of instrumental post-rock group Gastr Del Sol, seminal dub outfit Rhythm & Sound, and Pierre Schaffer protégé Éliane Radigue, Belfi’s music pulses on the exploration of deep and mysterious nocturnal spaces. Strikingly atmospheric and replete with vivid timbres, his music is oftentimes rhythmically complex but also pure and reductive.

A live performer at heart, Belfi’s music comes to life on stage where he’s built a reputation for electrifying drum solos and off the cuff improvisations. He’s been refining his current live set for a decade now, consisting of just his noble Saari drum kit from Finland, a Nord modular, and a sampler.