2019 / 20:00 – 20:20 [gmt] live from ZAGREB

Vesna Mačković

Šapni mi, želim vikati!
Whisper to Me, I Wanna Yell!

Radio station:                                 HRT – Croatian Radio
Venue/s of the event:                   Lauba – The House for People and Art, Zagreb
Links:                                                     HRT – Croatian Radio
                                                                  project by Vesna Mačković (Zagreb-Moscow-Saint Petersburg)
_                                                               project by Vesna Mačković (Brazil)
                                                                  project by Vesna Mačković (Kazakhstan)
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ARKTIK Contemporary Music Collective presents the concert premiering the new performing collective:
Šapni mi, želim vikati!
Whisper to Me, I Wanna Yell!

Written and Hosted/Conducted by: Vesna Mačković
Collective Premiere: 17 January 2019, Birthday of Art

Vesna Mačković is a Croatian multidisciplinary artist performing on various continents. She led workshops exploring improvised voice, music and text at festivals in Brazil and Kazakhstan, and she is also a member of the international improvised music duo with Russian pianist Roman Stolyar with whom she performed in Zagreb (MSU), Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
In Croatia, Vesna founded her own improvised music, voice and text collective with which she is planning to periodically present new concert and audio works in Zagreb and beyond.
Vesna is also involved in sound art. She is the recipient of New York’s International Audio Fiction Award in the category of Sarah Lawrence College student jury for her radiophonic drama Krleža, stand in line! (commissioned and produced by Croatian Radio and its Ars Acustica program).
In her concert and radiophonic works Vesna uses new technologies, merging performing voices and instruments with an iPad looper and mixing and effecting them live on 16 channels during the performance, thus multiplying the performers’ voices and sounds and creating a complex sound work.

In using and creating the text in such works Vesna assigns or stimulates the performers to address current topics regarding society, community and social problems, and so both the work of this Collective and its premiere performance will certainly be textually oriented in this way.

„After collaborating in music in Kazahstan and Russia  it gives me a great joy to be  invited to create a concert with croatian musicians which will be third part of the music project “Whisper to me, I wanna yell!”.
First part has been performed in collaboration with Russian pianist and a pioneer of improvisational music Roman Stolyar and our guests in Zagreb, Russia and Saint Petersburg. Second part was a collaboration with contemporary ensemble  Eegeru  and actress Zhanel Serghazina in Kazahstan.
For the international  Art’s birthday celebration we formed a new collective of different instrumentalists and vocalists through audition in Zagreb. This will be a beginning of a larger contemporary collective which will in the future be expanded with additional musicians. We are thrilled  to have our world premiere during Art’s birthday event and to have this performance as a start of a interesting and exciting musical journey from Zagreb to the world.”
Vesna Mačković

The Collective also plans to hold workshops for potential future new members and will thus periodically provide the public with learning opportunities through its improvised voice, music and text workshops modeled after the workshops Vesna led previously in Brazil and Kazakhstan.

We will present this Collective to Croatian audience in a premiere performance in Zagreb. Known as the Lauba- House for People and Art, modern Croatian art gallery with rotating exhibits has a collection of 500 works created over the last 60 years and includes some of the greatest names in recent Croatian art. Exhibitions change monthly. The perfect setting for art and interaction!