19:10 – 19:30 [gmt] Art’s Birthday – Live from Bratislava


…in the old days life was quiet. Noise was born with the invention of machines in the 19th century. Today Noise triumphs and reigns over human senses. For centuries, life evolved in silence or at most only in a muffle. The loudest noises interrupting this silence neither deviated violently from the environment, nor lasted long, nor altered in any way, because nature is silent, if we do not mention such extraordinary phenomena as hurricanes, storms, avalanches, waterfalls…

Live on stage: YK2  +  JURASSIC’S SAUSSAGES /”Júrske párky”/

Ján Ančic -synthesisers
Štefan Kostelný
– electronic guitar, electronics
Michal Murin, Erik Bartoš, Pavel Mackov, Tana Rjabininová, Matej Myslovič
– laptops, electronics


Ján Ančic (1979)
– studied at the Bratislava Conservatory with Peter Martinček – specialization composition.
– he continued his studies at the Academy of Performing Arts – Film and TV Faculty, specialization sound composition.
Besides being a music composer, he works also as a sound designer and keyboard player.
Synthesisers are his domain – he prefers their innovative function as a source for discovering a new sound spectrum.
Since 1999
, he has been cooperating in the field of music with Štefan Kostelný, nicknamed „Kostel ” – initially in an art-rock formation, later on in concert projects.  They will perform together under the name YK2 and present their new music project.

Štefan  Kostelný (1982)
Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, specialization sound design. He works as a music composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist in the field of advertising production but also in other non-commercial projects.
Currently he prepares a new music material with the Prague art-rock formation under the working title Artificial Light.


The group was generated by a sound delinquent Michal Murin at the Faculty of Fine Art in Banská Bystrica and its members Erik Bartoš, Pavel Mackov, Tana Rjabininová, Matej Myslovič contaminate audio-space with their interventions.


  • Still Life with Oscillator
  • Buffet Jurasstic
  • Mega Neutrino

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