2013 / 19:30 – 19:50 [gmt] VPRO / Live from HILVERSUM

Art’s Birthday 2013 / Cells (for cello & live electronics)

Radio station:                              NLNPO – VPRO / Radio6 – Café Sonore
Venue/s of the event:                  Studio WPM 5 at the VPRO building in Hilversum (Netherlands)
Links:                                             http://cafesonore.radio6.nl
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AB 2013 HilversumCells (for cello & live electronics)

In Cells, a composition for cello and live electronics,  the sound artists duo Strijbos & v. Rijswijk explore the dy

namic possibilities of the cello. This piece is full of huge contrasts. Islands of sound are surrounded by big silences. Rusling, gliding  and whisling tones create a mysterious atmosphere. The natural sound of the cello but also all kinds of electronically modified noises derived from  the cello are used. Melodic lyrical passages form the climax of the piece.

On the 17th of January 2013 a special (Art’s Birthday 2013 )version of the piece will be performed live at the VPRO studio in Hilversum.

Jeroen Strijbos / Rob van Rijswijk

Strijbos & Van Rijswijk / Dutch composers Rob van Rijswijk (1971) and Jeroen Strijbos (1970) both graduated cum laude from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in Music Technology, specialisation Electronic & Computer Composition and Applied Composition. They then achieved a Media MA in Electronic Composition. The hallmark of Strijbos & Van Rijswijk’s collective body of work is a combination of computer compositions and spatial elements, design, and innovative music technology. The composers seek out the zones where different disciplines meet and intersect.

“Sound is often more eloquent than tone”. What fascinates is the interplay between concrete source materials, either raw or processed, and traditional harmonic and/or modal musical material. This is the foundation of their compositions.

Strijbos & Van Rijswijk have provided the music for a large number of film, dance and theatre projects, whereby the principle of mutual influence between composer, director and choreographer has proved to be a recurring factor.

concerts/expositions: San Francisco, London, New York, Belfast, Paris, Zürich, Den Hague, Gdansk Poland, Szczecin Poland, Ljubljana Slovenia, Huddersfield UK, Berlin, Amsterdam, Gyeonggi South-Korea and Shanghai.

– 2009: SoundSpots was selected for the “Bourges International Competitions 2009, Electroacoustic Music and Electronic Arts”.
– 2010: honorary mention for the PRIX Ton Bruynèl 2010.
– 2012: Music Prize 2012 from the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund.


Jacqueline Hamelink / is a cellist who can’t seem to sit still! Originally working in the classical music world, she is always passionate about exploring new musical idioms and a wide range of theatrical forms. Visual art, fashion, dramaturgy, photography, poetry, design, architecture and new music by living composers are combined and mixed, manifesting her fascination with contemporary music and music theatre. Moving, singing, dancing, acting, designing, producing her own new projects and creating, or in short – playing for and with a new and receptive audience is what she really feels strongly about: touching the strings and removing the barriers between the heart and the mind. Her wide ranging repertoire has an international character and includes a variety of collaborations. Jacqueline Hamelink studied cello with, among others, D.Ferschtman, M. Iancovici, Ran Varon and Michel Dispa. She studied ensemble playing with Ervin Schiffer, Benzion Shamir and Ron Ephrat of the Daniel Quartet, the Vermeer Quartet and Valentin Berlinsky of the Borodin Quartet. She also studied singing with Frank Hermans and Ingrid Voermans, as well as acting with Guido Gerard and Dianne Krijnen, and classical dance with Liesbeth Hagenaars. She played in various productions with companies such as the Aquarius Ensemble, Struweel music theatre, VandenBulck theatre, Groep van Steen, Kontra-Punkt Theatre in Dusseldorf, Drieons, Palinckx and Hotel Witlox.

Since 2002 she is one half of the Duo Dubbelduet with cellist Eduard van Regteren Altena. The duo focuses on the performance of new music. Through her connection with Eduard she also worked with the Mondriaan Quartet.

Since 2006 she is part of the dance/performance group T.R.A.S.H, and from 2008 she has been performing with the POW Ensemble, and with the I Compani and BEAM since 2009. As well as performing, Jacqueline is a teacher at the Factorium in Tilburg, and plays regularly with the Metropole Orchestra.