2013 / 19:10 – 19:30 [gmt] Slovak Radio / Live from Bratislava


Radio station:                              Radio and Television Slovakia
Venue/s of the event:                  A4 Space for Contemporary Culture
Links:                                             http://zvukolom.org/01-mrkvabolka

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Caramelos Celebration Kit of sweets filled with electronic music and sonic art of the young generation acoustic artists.

A4 – Zero Space is a multifunctional non-commercial centre for contemporary culture in the Bratislava City centre  focused on creation, presentation and education  in current expressions of contemporary theatre, dance, music, film, contemporary visual culture and new media arts. A4 Space is a centre of current artistic expressions in the field of performing arts and new media supporting a vibrant and innovative artistic creation.

This year the Art’s Birthday Party will have a form of a mini festival of the Slovak electroacoustic music in the Bratislava A4 Space.  The young and viable generation of sound makers comes with various concepts which during the evening marathon will compose a colourful picture of the contemporary scene. From electroacoustic improvisation, computer interactivity, non-traditional joysticks and digital synthesis, through inclination towards   increasingly fashionable analogue lo-fi aesthetics, raspy noise and dark drone, up to radical performance referring to sub-cultural genres.

Program (start at 20.10 CET):

_Bolka/Slavo Krekovič
_Aidan Zaal
_Zeleny Antoin
_Amen Tma
_Ružoví Kovboji

The sudden eruptions of digital microtonal glitch and synthetic particles collisions in an imaginary sonic accelerator:  something like this will sound the live premiere of cooperation of Matus Kobolka (studies sonology in the Hague) and Slavo Krekovic  (Voice Over Noise, Shibuya Motors, Musica falsa et ficta…). Discovering of new both sound and mental nooks will be like a dynamic improvised duel created with the help of free software (Supercollider and ppooll), controlled by unconventional interfaces (Wii controllers, tablets).


Zeleny Antoin + Mean Ray
A rougher personality of schizophrenic character whose the other side is known as Jacques Kustod (Andrej Kabal aka Michal Suransky) will be featured in a shadowy lo-fi performance accompanied with live video projection prepared by Michal Fridrich, an artist from Brno. “Antoin grew up in Carpathian forest and undergone both the darkness and pleasures of contaminated primeval forest ruling over all prehistoric ghosts of the past. His life changed when he found a CD Devo at a corpse dragged into the deep forest by a pack of primeval wolves  and started to express his curse through music.”


Aidan Zaal
A solo “deathbient” performance by a musician from the Slovak town Roznava Peter Kerekes who released an album Chi Alsepsy last spring.  Unlike his lap top alter ego Chainsaw Yoga, in creating the dreams-evocative soundscapes and deconstructed rhythms he applies hardware synthesisers and additional “box” electronics.


Two visual artists from the Slovak town Kosice – Boris Sirka and Jozef Tusan. Their live performances are characterized by site specific audiovisual live act. The genre inclines to a technique of the old school analogue composition of industrial music and to contemporary drone scene.   Occasional singing is a combination of black metal vocals with reciting.  This music “scheme” is accompanied by the author’s video projection   which closes a dark circle of sound layers and noise tracks.


Amen Tma
The new project of the duo Daniel Tóth (also known as ::.: and a member of  the cult groups Poo or Angakkut) and Acidmilk  uses self-made analogue  drum modules  as well as digital electronics. The combination of drone tracks and stronger beats results in suggestive, gently evolving rhythmized textures.


Ružoví kovboji (Pink Cowboys)
An extreme performance in suits, ties and pink shirts.  Wild electronic rhythms, eccentric vocals. The radical performance of the formation which is in fact a disguised part of well-known team Resounds (namely combination of Urbanfailure and  rbnx ) can be only accompanied  by the original author’s statement: “Two corpses of cowboys return to life for a few minutes  in order to stroke their sheep in a bright country style with pink scars of the Slovak culture.