2013 / 21:40 – 22:00 [gmt] Ward Weis / Live from Antwerp

22402300 LIVE

Radio station:                              PLANKSTORM
Venue/s of the event:                  De Nieuwe Vrede, Berchem / Antwerp
Links:                                             http://planktone.dyndns.org/ABD/2013 
audio:                                             http://planktone.dyndns.org/ABD/2013/audio/
video:                                             http://planktone.dyndns.org/ABD/2013/webcams.html
pictures:                                        http://planktone.dyndns.org/ABD/2013/watch.html

WARNINGLive performance & Installation at DE NIEUWE VREDE in Berchem

As surveillance cameras, our microphones keep this year an ear at the artists studio’s while they are not at home …

A live soundscape of absence from north to south, east to west

With: Klaas Janssens, Ronny Pringels, Floris Van Manen, Ward Weis